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Published on: 4/16/2019
Feeling, down, depressed and generally negative about the direction our country is taking? Are you looking for a pick-me-up? Spend an afternoon with League intern José García!

José came to us recommended by Andrea McCue, city manager of Greenacres. I called him and the very next day he met Christene Campbell-Gabor and me for an interview and we instantly realized that we had an amazing young man on our hands. It was like trying to hold on to a rocket because this young man was obviously going places!
Own our Tomorrow – Help Guarantee our Future
Published on: 4/15/2019
Those of us involved and committed to the goals and mission of the League of Women Voters understand why the League must be in a position to continue its important work for years to come. The League’s past accomplishments are many and have made uncompromising differences in all of our lives. Learning from the past, we understand how vital it is for the League to sustain itself for the future. Read More...
Daytrippers Agricultural Tour 2019
Published on: 3/18/2019
Video Highlights
League of Women Voters- Palm Beach County- Daytrippers Agricultural Tour
Belle Glade, Loxahatchee, March 8, 2019
Choose LWVPBC's ED FUND as Your Amazon Charity
Published on: 1/15/2019
It's so easy to donate to LWVPBC'S ED FUND all year round by Shopping amazonsmile! is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as The difference is that when you shop onAmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice, LWVPBC.
Interfaith Cafe for October- Ballot Amendments Demystified
Published on: 10/15/2018
November 6, 2018 is Election Day. Florida ballots contain 13 proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution as well as county referendums. The proposed Constitutional amendments and county referendums will affect Florida residents on both personal and public levels. The amendments as written are confusing.
Thursday, October 18, 2018
South County Civic Center
16700 Jog Road, Delray Beach, FL
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Recent News- 2020 Census

Census Committee Meeting
Published on: 2/22/2019
The Census Count Committee (CCC) will meet at the Lantana Branch Library on Tuesday, March 12 from 7 to 8:45 PM.

Recent News- Civics Education

Civics Education Minutes April 2019
Published on: 4/18/2019
LWV of PBC Civics Education Committee
April 16th, 2019
MINI Crossword Puzzle Booklets Series 3
Published on: 11/16/2018
The Civics Education Committee would like to thank everyone who contributed content or donated money to help us complete Series 3 of the MINI Crossword Booklets. This booklet includes questions from the Grade 7 Textbook – Gateway to American Government: The Bridge to Success on Florida’s EOC Test. It will be an interesting, innovative and fun new study tool for all Florida Schools and a wonderful way for all of us to learn more about our country. Read More...
Photos- Civics Education in PBC & Florida
Published on: 4/22/2018
Photo Highlights from Cool Topic- Civics Education in PBC & Florida.
View the album...

Recent News- Education

Teaching our History
Published on: 3/28/2019
Teaching Our History- a status report
Saturday, March 30, 2019
Palm Beach Lakes HS
3505 Shiloh Dr., West Palm Beach, FL Auditorium
Free and open to the public. No registration required.
For additional information, contact Brian Knowles at 561-434-8879 or Read More...
Countywide Education Referendum
Published on: 10/31/2018
The LWVPBC Education Committee has been actively working to support the Countywide Education Referendum, which is the final question on the ballots for voters in Palm Beach County. Also endorsed by the county's Classroom Teachers Association, Parent Teacher Association, and other groups, the referendum would make a small increase in the millage rate of property to provide much-needed money for several key needs in our schools: increased pay for experienced teachers, expanded mental health services in our schools, support for arts enrichment programs, and filling the gap left by the legislature in funding the mandatory placement of police officers in all of our schools. Public education is essential to the effective functioning of our society, and it requires adequate funding to meet the needs of our community's students. The allocation of money will be overseen by a citizen's committee to ensure it is used for its intended purpose. Below is a video that explains more.

Recent News- Environment

Earth Day – a Great Day
Published on: 4/15/2019
Members of the Environmental Issues Group (EIG) were pleased to participate in Earth Day 2019 hosted by Palm Beach Atlantic University on April 12.

Information on alternatives to single-use plastics and a message of “Refuse, Reuse, and Recycle” were provided to over 70 individuals (primarily college students) who stopped to see examples of alternative products that can be used in place of plastics and to receive their free beeswax wrap – an inexpensive and easy-to-make alternative to plastic wrap. Read More...
My Plastic Free Life
Published on: 4/15/2019

We are all aware of the problems with plastic, right? Statistics tell us that one million plastic bottles are sold every minute. Eighteen billion pounds of plastic is tossed in the ocean each year. You shutter at the statistics! It’s a good thing we recycle, right? Well, it turns out that only 30% of plastics actually get recycled in the USA - and 9% globally. And none of it has ever biodegraded.
Agriculture Tour
Published on: 3/25/2019
The tour began in a radish field with Gary Noland of Hundley Farms. Gary explained that Florida’s agricultural area is the largest east of the Mississippi River. The soil is rich in phosphorous, making it perfect for farming. The crops are rotated with vegetables, rice, and sugar cane. Sugar cane is a cousin of bamboo. It is 75% water, 12% sugar, 12% fiber, and 3% molasses. Sugar turns brown due to the molasses.
Be Straw Free
Published on: 12/13/2018
A seemingly harmless way to sip a beverage - the plastic straw is typically used once and discarded without a thought. But now businesses and patrons are thinking about the environmental damage done by plastic straws, bags and other single-use plastic products that often escape landfills and find their way onto the beaches and into the ocean. The plastics are not biodegradable and are harmful to birds, sea turtles and other marine life that consume them. Read More...
Environmental Learning and Activist Opportunities Fall 2018
Published on: 9/24/2018
Environmental Learning and Activist Opportunities Fall 2018
Sign up for the Webinar! FREE Trouble in Paradise Webinar Wednesday, September 19 from noon to 1:30;

Recent News- Go Solar

Solar Tsnuami
Published on: 1/3/2019
PV Magazine. Developers have applied to build 139 GWac of large-scale solar projects in the territory of six grid operators – around five times what is currently online across the country – and that figure doesn’t even cover the entire United States. By any metric, we are looking at an unprecedented boom in solar development over the next five years.
Some of it is the pending drop-down of the Investment Tax Credit from the end of 2019 through the end of 2023. Some of it is a series of decisions by states, cities and corporations to decarbonize their electricity supply, and to use solar as a main means of doing this. And some of it is the continual decline in PV system prices, which makes large-scale solar the cheapest form of new generation in much of the United States. Read More...
Published on: 10/22/2018
We thought about solar. We have talked about solar. And now we have formed cooperatives to obtain solar energy. The League of Women Voters of Florida is already responsible for over 1,000 solar installations. 
Here in Palm Beach County, our key person, Diane Marks, is in the process of forming another cooperative. The great thing about a co-op is that you don’t have to go-it-alone. Instead, the members of the co-op review vendor proposals
and negotiate prices, warranties, etc. This way you have group pricing and leverage in making sure installations and warranties are consumer friendly and affordable.

Recent News- Healthcare

Florida Medicaid Expansion Campaign Overview
Published on: 4/9/2019
The Affordable Care Act gave states the opportunity to expand Medicaid to low-income adults and families -- with the federal government footing most of the cost. Today, 34 states have opted to take this deal and have covered more than 17 million Americans. Unfortunately, Florida has not.

If Florida expanded Medicaid, adults earning up to $17,000/year would be eligible for coverage and the federal government would cover 90 percent of the costs. This would mean more than 700,000 Floridians would get much-needed health coverage, including access to preventive care, cancer treatments, and prescription drugs. The people who would be newly served include working parents, retirees, and veterans. Not only would the federal government pay for most of these newly eligible people, the State of Florida would see significant savings to other programs. The Florida Policy Institute has estimated that Medicaid expansion would save our state over $500 million each year while also covering m

Recent News- Housing in PBC

Sadowski Legislative Session Update- Week 7
Published on: 4/18/2019
Dear Sadowski Affiliates:

We are at the “hurry up and wait” point of the legislative session.

The House and Senate have passed their respective versions of the budget, and conference on the budget has not begun.

Housing is fully funded in the Senate, but the House sweeps over $200 million from housing, and what it appropriates for housing is only on Hurricane Michael impacted counties. The House version excludes almost all of the state from both SHIP and SAIL funds.

This issue will be decided at the leadership levels—meaning
Appropriation Chairs Representative Cummings; Senator Bradley; Speaker Oliva; and Senate President Galvano.
Published on: 2/1/2019
The emails you sent last Friday to key staff in the Governor’s office resulted in a meeting for the Sadowski Coalition in the Governor’s office on Thursday, January 31. We filled the conference room with representatives from each of the 30 Sadowski Coalition organizations, from Associated Industries of Florida, the Florida Chamber of Commerce, the Florida Realtors and Florida Home Builders Association to Florida AARP, Volunteers of America, Habitat for Humanity of Florida, Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Florida Coalition for the Homeless, and of course, the Florida Housing Coalition. Read More...
The devaluation of assets in black neighborhoods
Published on: 1/12/2019
Homeownership lies at the heart of the American Dream, representing success, opportunity, and wealth. However, for many of its citizens, America deferred that dream. For much of the 20th century, the devaluing of black lives led to segregation and racist federal housing policy through redlining that shut out chances for black people to purchase homes and build wealth, making it more difficult to start and invest in businesses and afford college tuition. Still, homeownership remains a beacon of hope for all people to gain access to the middle class. Though homeownership rates vary considerably between whites and people of color, it’s typically the largest asset among all people who hold it. Read More...
Gardens: Avenir can pay $10 million instead of including workforce housing
Published on: 12/11/2018
The Avenir builders will pay the city $10 million for a pass on the commitment to include 250 homes priced for working-class families.

It’s a move the city says will allow Palm Beach Gardens to get workforce housing faster in a better location, but a housing advocate and a resident both are questioning who’s getting the better deal. Read More...
Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis' first task: Safeguard affordable housing fund - Orlando Sentinel
Published on: 11/18/2018
Greetings, Gov.-elect DeSantis. Congratulations on your win in Tuesday’s election. We’re confident you’ll live up to your promise to look out for all Floridians, including the good men and women who struggle every day to pay the bills and provide for their families.
They’re the people who power our economy. They make the hotel beds. Prepare the restaurant food. Fix our roofs. Cut our grass. Sell theme park tickets. Drive buses. Care for our elderly.

You talked on the campaign trail about family and expanding opportunity. Helping seniors. Improving educational opportunity. Restoring the Everglades. Read More...
Jupiter officials: Apartment still failing to comply with affordable housing rule
Published on: 11/4/2018
Builders in Palm Beach County increasingly promise affordable “workforce housing” for teachers, police and other employees to get projects approved or building limits eased.
But Jupiter’s first extended whirl with the concept has produced continuing clashes over how to set rents, with town officials maintaining residents have been overpaying by hundreds of dollars a month in some cases. Read More...
How much salary do you need to afford a median-price home in South Florida?
Published on: 8/21/2018
The median home price in South Florida has increased 31 percent since May 2015 — and so has the median salary that banks say you need before they’ll approve a loan on that home.

And that’s a problem, experts say, because the median household income in South Florida is well below that of comparably sized metro regions throughout the nation and income growth is failing to keep pace with home-price increases.

According to, which sells mortgage data to the home-selling industry, you’ll need to make $78,337 to afford to buy a house for $353,000, which is the median priced home in the metropolitan area that includes Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties. Read More...
Subsidized homes raise hopes in a tight market
Published on: 7/17/2018
Low-income buyers can qualify to get mortgage breaks, save thousands.

By Jeff Ostrowski Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

For nine years, Michelle Meeks crammed herself and her two daughters into a two-bedroom unit in what she describes as a "fly-by-night" apartment complex.

The single mom saved money by skipping cable, and she slept in a bedroom where the air conditioning barely worked. READ MORE...

Recent News- Membership

New Member Orientation
Published on: 5/2/2018
invites you to attend our
Date: Saturday, May 5
Time: Registration and coffee 9 a.m.
Orientation starts promptly at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 12:30 p.m.

Where: Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth Center for Bachelor’s Programs Building—Room CBP-103

RSVP: Darlene Kostrub at or leave a message at 561-852-0496.

We look forward to having you join us!

Recent News- Voting Rights Coa

The Palm Beach Post Opinion
Published on: 4/14/2019
Florida voters could potentially lose a valuable tool for democracy, if several state legislators have their way. Voters, who cherish their rights, should be aware of proposals that are up for discussion in Tallahassee that would make it far more difficult for citizen initiatives to get onto the ballot.

One such measure, SB 7096, clearly shows that our lawmakers are intent on throwing up barriers to the process that enables citizen initiatives. This bill would require petition gatherers to register with the Secretary of State as well as asking them to attest that they are Florida residents for a specified period of time before obtaining petition forms. Read More...

Recent News- Voter Services

Voter registration- Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Delray Beach
Published on: 8/20/2018
Percy Alexander, Jamila (don't know last name), Annetta Jenkins (seated), Robbie Alexander, Pam Maldonado, Ellen Norman
Voter registration at Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Delray Beach.
Sunday, Aug. 19

Recent News- Young Leaguers

Young Leaguers Beach Cleanup
Published on: 4/19/2019
The Young Leaguers of Palm Beach County participated in a Beach Cleanup at Red Reef Park on March 9th. League members met at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton and were given a tour of the nature center and learned about their facility. Tour Guide Susan Datres educated us about the harmful impact small plastics have on sea turtles and other sea creatures. We then cleaned the beach and filled 16 buckets of trash. This event allowed us to make a small but significant step to take care of the environment.
Young Leaguers Candidate Reflection Forum
Published on: 1/30/2019
Please join the Young Leaguers for our Candidate Reflection Forum. At the meeting, former candidates will share their experiences of what it was like running for office. We are lucky to have Judge Sarah Willis, Edgardo Hernandez, Alcolya St Juste, Samson LeBeau Kpadenou, and Jeremy Zubkoff as our panelists. Read More...

Recent News- LWV National

The League Update - JULY 5, 2018
Published on: 7/9/2018
Last week was an inspiring Convention of the League of Women Voters of the United States in Chicago. More than 1,000 League leaders convened for thoughtful conversations and important trainings with the focus of the future of the organization. We passed our budget for the upcoming biennium and set our program in place to continue the Campaign for Making Democracy Work®.

I was honored to introduce Convention attendees to the LWVUS incoming CEO, Virginia Kase. Since 2011 Virginia has been a leader at CASA, an organization at the forefront of the immigrant rights movement representing... READ MORE.


Florida Supreme Court rules Rick Scott can't replace retiring justices before he leaves
Published on: 10/21/2018
The next governor, and not Gov. Rick Scott, has the authority to appoint three new justices to the Florida Supreme Court, the court ruled Monday.

Scott, who will leave office in January and is running for U.S. Senate, had repeatedly asserted the right to appoint replacements for justices Barbara Pariente, R. Fred Lewis and Peggy Quince, who will leave the court in January because they have reached a mandatory retirement age.