I_Voted_thumb_parker-johnsonLet’s share the good news!

Most Floridians with felony convictions can now vote!

You can vote if you had a public defender for your last felony conviction

You can vote if you don’t owe fines and restitution, just fees and court costs

Even if you have fines and restitution, you can vote if you can’t afford to pay them


You are considered unable to pay if you had a public defender for your last felony conviction or if your fines and restitution were changed to a civil judgment. Even if that is not the case, you may still be able to qualify as unable to pay.

You can’t vote if you were convicted of murder or a felony sexual offense (unless your rights have been restored by the Clemency Board).

If you don’t know what you owe, whether you qualify as unable to pay your fines and restitution, or have other questions, please call the Palm Beach County Public Defender’s Office at 561-355-7500.  If you were not convicted in Palm Beach County, call the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition at 1-877-698- 6830.

If you were convicted of a felony in another state and your right to vote was restored in that state, you can vote.
To register to vote, go to https://www.pbcelections.org  or go to https://www.vote411.org.

Registering to vote when you should not is a felony, but the State Attorney in Palm Beach County says he will not prosecute you if you believe you are able to register.

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Disclaimer: This flyer is a resource, not legal advice. It is provided for information purposes only and not as a substitute for or supplement to the legal advice necessary to address the specific concerns of any individual. Moreover, Florida law may change after publication of this flyer. Therefore, it is your responsibility to determine how all applicable laws concerning voter registration, voting, and the restoration of voting rights in Florida affect you.