The League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County seeks to help citizens become informed voters and increase voter participation.  Our mission is Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy.

There are many ways you can help.

To volunteer, email us at  Include the Opportunity number, your name and contact information (email and phone requested), and tell us how you’d like to help.  Thanks!

#1- Vote By Mail

Our Vote By Mail team is made up of members of many LWVPBC committees, ACLU PBC, and NCJW PBC all working together to build confidence in Voting By Mail, the safest, easiest, most convenient way to vote in this uncertain post-pandemic world. We are seeking volunteers to text to hard to reach citizens to urge them to Vote By Mail.

#2- Voter Services

Our Voter Services team seeks to register, educate and engage citizens. We have a goal of registering 2000 voters by the November 2020 General Election. We need volunteers with video production experience for outreach and  PSAs;  to write postcards urging voters to request VBM; to do texting campaigns;  to coordinate and distribute VBM flyers to food distribution sites; with experience in training to help produce videos; to do outreach to potential voter registration partner agencies, groups, churches.

#3- Voter’s Guide

Volunteers needed to make calls for distribution locations and candidate reminders.  Scripts provided.

#4- LWVPBC Speakers Bureau

LWVPBC Speakers Bureau provides presentations that educate Palm Beach County community groups on voting, governance, and current issues. We need volunteers to provide presentations, assist presenters, help organize events, connect with communities, assist with training, assist with Zoom meetings, provide feedback.

#5- Voting Rights Coalition

The Voting Rights Coalition seeks to combat voter suppression in all its forms. We have long worked to restore voting rights for felons and Work with coalitions and alliances to effect improvements to voting in Palm Beach County. We need volunteers to phone bank with our state League to reach out to register Returning Citizens to vote.

#6- Our Civics Team

Our Civics team works to provide reliable, nonpartisan information on elections and public policy issues to a diverse PBC population, using innovative educational approaches. We need volunteers to: create new learning tools, provide Civics presentations, participate in educational school events such as National History Day and the Government Bee, help create new presentations, and help us to reach a diverse community.

#7- 2020 Census

Census responses in Florida are historically low this year. Unless more households respond, we will lose adequate legislative representation and tens of billions in federal aid, especially for health and education in this decade. We need volunteers to text fellow Floridians to answer the Census. If you can contribute less than ten hours of your time in the coming 75 days, please contact Suzannne Kelly at email:

Include the Opportunity number and tell us how you’d like to help below. Thanks!