The League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County seeks to help citizens become informed voters and increase voter participation.  Our mission is Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy.

There are many ways you can help.

To volunteer, email us at  Include the Opportunity number, your name and contact information (email and phone requested), and tell us how you’d like to help.  Thanks!

Attention: If you are a student, please submit your Volunteer form using your personal email address- if you use your school email address we will not be able to reply to you successfully.

#1- Healthcare Committee

2 major projects that we need assistance with:

  1. OPEN ENROLLMENT FOR THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT.  Enrollment runs from Nov. 1, 2020, to Dec. 15, 2020.  We need to help the navigators get the word out since their advertising funds were cut.  Please send the attached flyers (1 is in English and 1 is in Spanish) to all of your social media contacts.  Also, please forward them to any organizations or places of worship that you know and request that they place it on their websites.
  2. MEDICAID EXPANSION FOR FLORIDA. Florida is one of only 12 states that have refused to accept Medicaid Expansion funds from Washington.  This leaves @900,000 uninsured Floridians.  Therefore, LWVPBC and LWVFL are working with Healthcare for Florida and Medicaid Matters to advocate for legislation to allow Medicaid Expansion in Florida.  You can help by asking organizations, churches, synagogues, etc. to go to the website and complete the information in the box to join.  There is no charge to join, and the longer this list is, the more influence we will have on legislators.

Any questions, please contact Nancy Gau at 561-439-4522 or

#2- Budget Committee

LWVPBC prepares a plan and a budget annually, which is submitted to our Board of Directors and then to our membership for approval at the April Annual Meeting. We have an excellent performance record, growing our League and its relevance to the community while maintaining good financial controls and sticking to the plan. Use your business prowess to work with our team to develop our annual budget for fiscal year 2021-2022.

#3- Civics Education Team

  1. Research. We are looking for students who can help us gather information on:
    • Civics programs and activities within the League locally, State-wide and Nationally.
    • Civic programs that are available outside the League, i.e. Lou Frey Institute, ADL.
    • Civics programs and activities in Florida schools, colleges and universities.
  2. Website. We are looking for someone who will help us to review and update Civic information on the website.
  3. Promotion. We need help promoting and advertising our MINI Crossword Puzzle Booklets, PowerPoint presentations and critical thinking worksheets.

#4- Observer Corps

Want to learn about Palm Beach County and community issues and challenges, and help us develop community contacts?  Our Observer Corps regularly attend Palm Beach County, School Board, and municipal commission meetings, and keep our Issue Groups and members updated on community issues and challenges.  We need a committee co-chair who has a keen interest in our communities and in heading up a team of active observers.  Please select Option 4 below.

Include the Opportunity number and tell us how you’d like to help below. Thanks!