Voting Rights Coalition

Our non-partisan advocacy Voting Rights Coalition is dedicated to assuring voting rights for all Florida citizens and is guided by the League position:

The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that voting is a fundamental citizen right that must be guaranteed.

Our coalition is made up of the Palm Beach County chapters of the:
• League of Women Voters
• National Council of Jewish Women
• American Civil Liberties Union
• Democratic Haitian American Caucus
• Planned Parenthood of South East Florida

Our co-chairs are Nancy Cohen
And Linda Geller-Schwartz

Our issue focus for the 2014 Legislative Season is two-fold:
• The Florida voter roll purge (aka: Project Integrity)
• Restoration of voting rights for former felons

We are researching both issues by talking to people affected by the issues, working with our Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher, identifying and working with other groups interested and working on these issues, culminating in an action plan. We plan to participate in projects to advise former felons of their rights and in workshops to restore these rights, and to develop a complete informational campaign: flyers, brochures, programs and speakers at meetings and legislative delegation meetings, films, videos, possibly television appearances.

Simultaneously, we are educating Coalition members and LWVPBC members to be better advocates. We believe the Topic: “Constituent Power: How Ideas Become Laws” brought bipartisan Palm Beach County legislators as speakers and illustrated this very well.


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