Article Written By Rebecca Freeman:

On Tuesday May 14, 2019 the Young Leaguers learned about the 20/20 Census. Pat Doman of the Census Committee discussed the 2020 Census in great detail by explaining the history of the census and its importance to society. The Census can bring finances for better roads and schools in our state, and the Young Leaguers can’t wait to start promoting this initiative.

May is Lupus Awareness month and Brie Salter founder of the Lupie Girl foundation provided the Young Leaguers about lupus, how she manages the disease, and how she is in the beginning stages of starting her own non-profit organization. Member Kevin Baker also gave a fun and informative presentation on the Electoral College.


Upcoming Young Leaguer Events:

Young Leaguers is sponsoring and building homes for the Pierre and Lamour families through the Women Build Project with Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County. Their team’s build date is on Saturday June 15, 2019. To support their cause visit their team page by using the link below.

Quantum House located behind St. Mary’s Hospital is a caring and supportive home that lessens the burden for families whose children are receiving treatment in Palm Beach County for a serious medical condition. Young Leaguers will be volunteering their time at the Quantum House on Saturday, June 29. They will be assisting the kids with creative crafts. Member Jill Abbey and her Dad will also entertain the group with a musical performance.


For more information on these events please contact Ashley Cacicedo (732) 757-9943 or at