Written By: Rebecca Freeman

Young Leaguer Feature Kim StokesStokes felt a personal responsibility to better our society. She was disappointed in our country’s current state and began looking for a way to make an impact in our community. As a result, she decided to join The League of Women Voters. Kim has been with the organization for two years and loves how they focus on researching facts and creating opinions that are not politically motivated. The Young Leaguers meeting schedule works with her own and the group coordinates with all the other committees, which is perfect because they correlate with her interests. Through the League, she enjoys learning about issues from people in various fields who have taken the time to do independent research.

As a former teacher, Kim is interested in educating our youth and getting them more involved in the political process. Kim hopes for the Young Leaguers’ to continue to help people in need in a meaningful way, through service projects and educational seminars, especially in the subjects of addiction and homelessness. Outside of Young Leaguers, Kim is a math editor for an online program. In her profession, she creates lesson plans and makes sure all concepts are presented in a way that will help children learn and understand the material.

Young Leaguer Feature Kim Stokes

However, her favorite job is being the mother of her two children Jani Jo and  Nadia. Kim enjoys discussing math with her children whenever it comes up in their daily lives.”Some of our favorite activities include working in the garden and swimming in the pool together. I also enjoy running, bicycling, swimming, and I am starting to get back into participating in sprint triathlons, “said Stokes. Kim enjoys the Young Leaguers’ monthly meetings, where we all learn from the organization’s different committees. The presenters are knowledgeable and are often quite funny.

Some of her favorite sessions include learning more details about our healthcare system, the census, and the new education policies that are taking effect this year. The service project that was most important to Kim this year was participating in building homes for the Pierre and Lamour Families through Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build. She looks forward to her first voter registration event during National Voter Registration week. It is truly special for Kim because she will be registering students at the high school she graduated from and taught at for six years. We are grateful to have Kim on our team, and we look forward to seeing he continue to grow within our organization.