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felons have the right to voteOn July 1, a federal appeals court halted voting registration for Florida citizens with felony convictions and court fees that they cannot afford to pay.  

However, citizens with Palm Beach County felony convictions may still be able to vote in 2020 elections: 


Have a felony conviction in PBC?

Contact the Public Defender’s Office and the State Attorney’s office to receive assistance for restoring your voting rights. Call (561) 355-7500.


Have a felony conviction elsewhere?  The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition’s Fines and Fees program will help you determine what needs to be done so that you can vote.  Call 1-877-MY-VOTE-0 (1-877-698-6830) OR TEXT ‘FINES’ TO 82623.


If you owe no fine, fees, restitution, or court costs, this decision does not affect your ability to register and vote.  Register to vote at (561) 656-6200 or


If your conviction was in another state, you can vote if your right to vote was restored in that state.


ACLU Florida said: “This ruling will temporarily pause the district court’s decision as the case moves forward on appeal.  We will continue fighting this law until it is permanently abolished.”

Will you help us fight to permanently abolish this restrictive law?


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