By Pam Maldonado


Marc Bruner’s Naturalization Ceremony voter registration “corps” has really hit their stride with USCIS (U.S. Customs and Immigration Service,) with an outstanding February total of 382 registrations.


For the last few months, they have been averaging four or five USCIS events, netting about 59% of the attendees each time.  The action is frenzied once the new citizens leave the ceremony, requiring 5 volunteers each time to be able to accommodate everyone who wants to register.  It’s all over in about a half-hour.


As we move into election season, the Supervisor of Elections has asked us to cover even more of ceremonies, so we’re looking forward to an outstanding March.


May means High School Senior Check-Out Day (SCOD) season when graduating seniors pick up their caps and gowns.  For the last five years, Leaguers have registered students at these events at more than a dozen public high schools—most of which are considered Title I.


This is a very important group of young people because almost all of them are 18 and will be able to vote this year.  We’ll have a flurry of activity between the second and third weeks of May and then it’s over.  Serena Cummins is coordinating again this year—hoping to top the nearly 900 students we registered last year.


I’m happy to report that the National League has renewed the grants for both of these projects.  A special shout-out to our grant guru, Rebecca Cohen, for working her magic again!


Both the Naturalization Ceremonies and Senior Check-Out Days are joyous events.  If you would like to participate as a voter registrar and are trained, contact Marc Bruner ( or Serena Cummins (


You must be trained to do voter registration.  If you want to attend a training session, contact Pam Maldonado (