Voter Services Readies for 2020 Elections

Members Libby Jacobs (L) and Delcia
Phillips manned a voter registration table at the Macedonia AME Church, for a turkey giveaway.

by Pam Maldonado

For about a year we have been registering voters at naturalization ceremonies. Recently, Young Leaguer Andrea Trainor was instrumental in bringing in two new volunteers who worked as voter registrars while wearing signs around their necks saying “Hablo Español” and “Pale Créole”. Their assistance helped yield 96 registrations–our best one-day total ever!

Thanks to Team Leader Diane Marks for her quick work, too, because we were only scheduled for the morning ceremony. A USCIS staffer caught her by surprise when she asked if they would be back in the afternoon. Ever confident, Diane replied “Yes,” after which she immediately began to burn up her cell phone calling in volunteers. Fortunately, enough volunteers responded to be able to staff the second ceremony.

After an otherwise quiet holiday season, Voter Services is gearing up with re-charged batteries for what we expect to be an intense year in 2020.

Our next meeting will be at Compass Community Center on Thursday, Feb. 6th at 10 am. We invite all members who are passionate about doing voter registration to attend.