Participate in and organize voter registration and education activities at various sites in Palm Beach County. Work with speakers bureau and other committees to provide voter registration services.



Chair: Phyllis Applebaum,  pjapplebaum@gmail.com561-961-0737

In order to be more convenient to everyone, we alternate morning and evening meetings on the first Thursday of each month.

Morning meetings are held from 10 – 11:30 am at the Compass Community Center, 201 North Dixie Hwy., Lake Worth 33469
Evening meetings are held via conference call from 7 – 8 pm.

Call in number: 1-605-313-5609.
Access Code: 516124#



  • When We All Vote
    When We All Vote
    LWVPBC / The ‘When We All Vote’ Coalition Pays Dividends By Pam Maldonado   How do we reach a larger, more diverse audience? Since I joined the League six years ago which has been a prime concern. When we started live streaming our Hot Topics speakers we began to see our numbers climb. Suddenly, people who could not make it...
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    All Voters Should Check Their Status ASAP
    By Pam Maldonado   Election Day will be upon us before we know it! Florida Election Statutes require Supervisors of Elections (SOEs) to close their books 29 days before the election, which means by 5 p.m. on October 5. People whose registration forms arrive after that date would not be able to vote in the Presidential Election this year.  ...
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  • 2020 Ballot Amendments
    2020 Ballot Amendments
    Confused about the 2020 Ballot Amendments?   What does Amendment 1, which is labeled ‘Suffrage’, really do?   Who is supporting Amendment 4, which makes it much harder for citizen initiatives to become ballot amendments? Do they know how confusing calling it Amendment 4 will be?  (Yes!)   Two proposals affecting taxes? Are they good for our towns and cities?...
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  • Voters' Guide  September 1st Report
    Voters’ Guide September 1st Report
    It always takes a village… Voters’ Guide. This could be written several ways, with an apostrophe after the “s” or before it or with no apostrophe at all. Indeed, sometimes it could be just “Voter Guide.” The correct version in this instance is the way it’s written on the hard copy. This year it took 44 League members attending 10...
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  • Suffrage 100
    Suffrage at 100: A Visual History
    Text by Jennifer Harlan Introduction by Veronica Chambers, Jennifer Harlan and Jennifer Schuessler Aug. 20, 2020 On May 18, 1915, crowds streamed into the Polo Grounds in Manhattan to watch the New York Giants take on the Chicago Cubs. But beyond the diamond, a bigger contest was brewing. The state of New York was gearing up to hold a referendum,...
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  • Virus, fees hinder drive to register Florida felons to vote
    Virus, fees hinder drive to register Florida felons to vote
    Full article:
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  • your vote counts
    Voter Guide Team
    Candidate Team:   Serena Cummins, Marion Lang We are assisting State and National by contacting candidates that have not responded.   Question Team:  Karen Wilkerson, Susan Bucher, Corinne Miller, Commissioner Paulette Burdick. We are getting a good response from the community on the quality of our questions. Editorial Team:   Sammy Alsofon, Mary Mertz, Carol Carnevale. This team is working on...
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  • Covid Is A Long Term Reality – Answer the Census Now To Help Us Keep Fighting It
    Covid Is A Long Term Reality – Answer the Census Now To Help Us Keep Fighting It
    Even after a vaccine joins the fight against Covid 19, the long term health effects and costs will remain in your community. It will take long term health resources, such as Medicare, Medicaid and community health centers to continue our response. And the way to secure those resources is to answer the Census NOW. Ask all your friends, organizations, congregations...
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  • 2020 Voters’ Guide Update
    2020 Voters’ Guide Update
    Hello Members! Once again, our Palm Beach County League is excited to provide our community with another Voters’ Guide.  These Guides have been providing important candidate and voting information since 2014.  We will publish our Guide in mid-September in both The Palm Beach Post and The Sun Sentinel.  Copies in Spanish will be provided by the State League for all...
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  • Atlantic Community High School Graduation
    High School Valedictorian Joins Social Media Campaign
    By Pam Maldonado The way campaigns are run has changed drastically over the last few years and many campaign professionals are convinced that the outcome of the 2020 elections will be determined by social media.  In a January 2019 study, the Pew Center reported that the leading edge of Generation Z (people 18-23 in 2020) is projected to comprise 10%...
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  • How to Reach Graduating High School Seniors
    How to Reach Graduating High School Seniors
    How to Reach Graduating High School Seniors In the Era of Covid-19 by Pam Maldonado   Serena Cummins and her Senior Check-Out Day committee were hard at work firming up details for one of Voter Service’s annual activities – registering graduating seniors as they pick up their caps and gowns at approximately a dozen Title I schools in Palm Beach...
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  • voter_services
    Inmates Give Rousing Applause to League of Women Voters!
    The Reason: Our Positive Actions Helping Inmates Regain Their Rights   By Pam Maldonado   On March 12th, I had the pleasure of giving a brief presentation on Amendment 4 for about 175 inmates at the Sago Palm Re-Entry Center in Pahokee. This was my second visit to this prison that houses men who are within three years of completing their sentences. The inmates...
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  • voter_services
    Voter Services Targets New Citizens, Graduating Seniors
    By Pam Maldonado   Marc Bruner’s Naturalization Ceremony voter registration “corps” has really hit their stride with USCIS (U.S. Customs and Immigration Service,) with an outstanding February total of 382 registrations.   For the last few months, they have been averaging four or five USCIS events, netting about 59% of the attendees each time.  The action is frenzied once the...
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  • Voter Services Readies for 2020 Elections
    Voter Services Readies for 2020 Elections
    by Pam Maldonado For about a year we have been registering voters at naturalization ceremonies. Recently, Young Leaguer Andrea Trainor was instrumental in bringing in two new volunteers who worked as voter registrars while wearing signs around their necks saying “Hablo Español” and “Pale Créole”. Their assistance helped yield 96 registrations–our best one-day total ever! Thanks to Team Leader Diane...
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  • Arlene Ustin LWVPBC voting
    Push for Voter Registration- article
    Groups fan out to churches in push for voter registration By Abraham Mahshie Special to The Post Posted Nov 17, 2019 at 6:42 PM Read the article online at the Palm Beach Post   Volunteers were at five local churches Sunday to register voters and provide checklists for former felons, often called returning citizens, to get their voting rights restored. They also gathered signatures in...
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