Participate in and organize voter registration and education activities at various sites in Palm Beach County. Work with speakers bureau and other committees to provide voter registration services.



Chair: Phyllis Applebaum,  pjapplebaum@gmail.com561-961-0737

In order to be more convenient to everyone, we alternate morning and evening meetings on the first Thursday of each month.

Morning meetings are held from 10 – 11:30 am at the Compass Community Center, 201 North Dixie Hwy., Lake Worth 33469
Evening meetings are held via conference call from 7 – 8 pm.

Call in number: 1-605-313-5609.
Access Code: 516124#



  • Voter Services Gets Hip
    Voter Services Gets Hip
    By Pam Maldonado 14,000 public high school students will graduate this year, but we will not be able to do our traditional Senior Checkout Day voter registration events.  In the past, we’ve registered over 900 students by being on campus as the kids picked up their caps and gowns during a frantic week before graduation.  In the age of Covid,...
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  • Power of the Youth Vote thumb
    The Power of the Youth Vote
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  • latino-vote-2020
    Hispanic Community Outreach Efforts Renew
    By Pam Maldonado Now that we have had a few months to catch our breath after the Presidential Election, Voter Services and Civics Education are once again beginning to focus on the Hispanic outreach.  Despite repeated efforts over the last four years, our results to date have essentially been nil.  We’re determined to use this quieter year to redouble our...
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  • 2021 Legislative Directory of Elected Officials- LIVE!
    2021 Legislative Directory of Elected Officials- LIVE!
    We are almost ready to publish our 2021 Legislative Directory of Elected Officials. It will be available to distribute on February 20th.  If you are interested in providing copies to your organization or community, please contact Joyce Sullivan at The Directory will also be available by pdf with live links on our site along with a link to the...
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  • 2020-2021 Directory slide-1302021
    2020-2021 Directory of Elected Officials
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  • 2020-2021 Directory of Elected Officials
    2020-2021 Directory of Elected Officials
    2021 Legislative Directory of Elected Officials will be available to distribute on February 15th.  We will print 10,000 copies.  Once again libraries and government agencies will provide copies to the community.  If you are interested in providing copies to your organization or community, please contact Joyce Sullivan at The Directory will also be available as a PDF on our...
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  • Get Out the Vote
    An Exceptional Texting Experience
    By Phyllis Applebaum Voter Services and the Voter Rights Coalition have been doing a three-phase Get Out the Vote texting campaign to numerous groups of people, including first-time voters. Our voting system can seem complicated to many. We are just trying to simplify things. We started in September telling people to make a plan to vote. Then in early October,...
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  • Free Ride to Vote
    Free Ride to Vote
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  • voter_services
    Returning Citizens Postcards Round 2
    By Phyllis Applebaum We’ve all heard the maxim “everybody deserves a second chance.” The LWVPBC Voter Services certainly agrees with that maxim, sending 6,000 postcards in the first round.  This round was intended for those returning citizens who had paid their fines, costs, and fees as well as finished their sentences to register to vote.  Not long after that, round...
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  • Louise Carnevale
    Returning Citizens Postcards
    By Phyllis Applebaum    Florida has the most restrictive voting laws for ex-felons in the nation.  In 2018, the Florida electorate, believing that people should have a second chance, passed an amendment allowing ex-felons who were not murderers or sex-offenders to vote once they had completed their sentence including probation.  However, the Florida legislature then passed a bill specifying that...
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  • When We All Vote
    When We All Vote
    LWVPBC / The ‘When We All Vote’ Coalition Pays Dividends By Pam Maldonado   How do we reach a larger, more diverse audience? Since I joined the League six years ago which has been a prime concern. When we started live streaming our Hot Topics speakers we began to see our numbers climb. Suddenly, people who could not make it...
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    All Voters Should Check Their Status ASAP
    By Pam Maldonado   Election Day will be upon us before we know it! Florida Election Statutes require Supervisors of Elections (SOEs) to close their books 29 days before the election, which means by 5 p.m. on October 5. People whose registration forms arrive after that date would not be able to vote in the Presidential Election this year.  ...
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  • 2020 Ballot Amendments
    2020 Ballot Amendments
    Confused about the 2020 Ballot Amendments?   What does Amendment 1, which is labeled ‘Suffrage’, really do?   Who is supporting Amendment 4, which makes it much harder for citizen initiatives to become ballot amendments? Do they know how confusing calling it Amendment 4 will be?  (Yes!)   Two proposals affecting taxes? Are they good for our towns and cities?...
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  • Voters' Guide  September 1st Report
    Voters’ Guide September 1st Report
    It always takes a village… Voters’ Guide. This could be written several ways, with an apostrophe after the “s” or before it or with no apostrophe at all. Indeed, sometimes it could be just “Voter Guide.” The correct version in this instance is the way it’s written on the hard copy. This year it took 44 League members attending 10...
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  • Suffrage 100
    Suffrage at 100: A Visual History
    Text by Jennifer Harlan Introduction by Veronica Chambers, Jennifer Harlan and Jennifer Schuessler Aug. 20, 2020 On May 18, 1915, crowds streamed into the Polo Grounds in Manhattan to watch the New York Giants take on the Chicago Cubs. But beyond the diamond, a bigger contest was brewing. The state of New York was gearing up to hold a referendum,...
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