your vote counts

Candidate Team:   Serena Cummins, Marion Lang

We are assisting State and National by contacting candidates that have not responded.  

Question Team:  Karen Wilkerson, Susan Bucher, Corinne Miller, Commissioner Paulette Burdick.

We are getting a good response from the community on the quality of our questions.

Editorial Team:   Sammy Alsofon, Mary Mertz, Carol Carnevale.

This team is working on the information portion of the Guide.  We will have a page that celebrates the 100 year anniversary of the League.

Copy Verification  team – Corinne Miller and Marion Lang

Their work will start with pages that are completed and need approval on correct information regarding candidates. An example is making sure all the candidates have the correct political title, complete bio information and more.

IT Team – Becky Haldeman Robinson heads this team of one.

Becky is busy resending emails and now has taken on the job of sending out links to the site to businesses, organizations and developments that want information digitally.  She will be assisting Maria in downloading candidate information so the copy can be placed in the Guide.

Layout and Placement

Maria, our graphic artist, will work with Becky to start placing candidates that we know will be in the November general election. She will also design specific information pages.


We have partnered with the Sarasota league.  We are  sharing ads, artwork, videos and public service announcements.
We signed a trade agreement with the Palm Beach Post to run ads promoting and our printed Guide coming in September.  They will also have a link to on their site.


This team is led by Christene Campbell Gabor with important team members like Elayne Goodman.  They are beginning to contact locations that carried the printed Guide in 2018.  We know that we will not be able to deliver the 44,000 additional copies but we are still contacting existing and new locations to see what we CAN do and locations that will link our and PDF Guide to their sites.

WE NEED YOU to help DISTRIBUTION in making these calls.  We have a script and are preparing to start. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Christene at