By Kevin Baker

vote by mailPlease call the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections now at 561-656-6200 (option 2) to sign up for Vote By Mail today. You can also submit your request by visiting website. The deadline to have a Primary Election ballot sent to you is 5 p.m. on August 8, 2020. But, do it now!

On the website, you can click on “TRACK YOUR VOTE-BY-MAIL REQUEST & RETURNED BALLOT.” Every one of us should click that link now to confirm our valid status as a PBC voter and confirm the status of our request to receive a mailed ballot.

From there you can click on “UPCOMING ELECTIONS,” where you will be able to clearly see your ballot status as REQUESTED, SENT, RECEIVED, and then COUNTED. Along with that status, this shows you the address to where your ballot will be mailed. Check that the address is where you’ll be in August and November, the election months.

You can also click on “PREVIOUS ELECTIONS” to confirm that a prior VBM vote was counted. The ideal way to request a VBM ballot is to be sure to check the VBM continuation box on the outside of the envelope each time you vote by mail so your VBM request never expires.

If you are still reading this article and have not yet jumped to request your ballot, here are some great reasons to vote by mail. Voting by Mail provides the best of both worlds as it does not limit the option to still vote in person on Election Day. Voting by mail is simple and easy to do. It can be done in the comfort of your own home. Voting by mail protects you and your family from community spread of the coronavirus at polling stations, possibly saving your life and the lives of those that you love. Many normal polling locations may be closed on Election Day due to COVID-19, making lines even longer at those that remain open. The process is secure and is relied upon by our military and overseas voters. People battling chronic illnesses or with limited mobility can cast their vote. It is the smart choice as home voting gives time to research each candidate and ballot question in order to make informed decisions. Never again be surprised by ballot questions that need to be researched just to determine what a “Yes” vote means. It’s so much more convenient to vote by mail. Plus there are no lines to get to your dining room table.

Postage is free for returning your ballot or you can even skip the mail and hand-deliver your ballot to the Supervisor of Elections office or an early voting station. Avoid the chance that bad weather or something else comes up on Election Day that prevents you from getting to the polls. VBM ballots get counted first. Voting at home in your pajamas while watching TV and drinking alcohol is permitted. If your VBM signature does not match and you turned in your ballot early enough, the SOE will let you correct your signature up to 5 p.m. on the second day AFTER the election. Voter turnout by mail is roughly twice as high as for those who didn’t request a ballot. Sign up for VBM today because you know the other side is going to sign up and vote in huge numbers. Call for a ballot like your life depends on it. Call to sign up now!