Safe  – Convenient  – Easy

by Voting Rights Committee

Vote By MailThe effects of the coronavirus have made voting by mail more appealing than ever before. There are just a few simple steps you need to take in order to ensure your vote is counted.  Instructions are included with your Vote-By-Mail ballot.


Always place your ballot in the return envelope provided by the Supervisor of Elections. Also, remember to sign the envelope. Your ballot will not be counted if the signature is missing on the return envelope or if the signature does not match your signature on file.


The first thing the Supervisor of Elections does when your ballot is received in their office is to check that there is a signature on the return envelope and that it matches the signature you submitted when you registered to vote. Our Supervisor uses sophisticated signature matching technology and trained staff to identify whether the two signatures match.  


There are a few reasons your signatures may not match.  You may have forgotten how you signed your name when you registered or changed the way you sign your name, or you may have become physically unable to sign it in the way you did previously.


To ensure that your signature matches, compare your signature to your Florida driver’s license or your Florida ID. If your signature has changed, use an online voter registration application to bring your Florida Driver License or Florida ID signature into your voter record, or a paper voter registration application to update your signature.


If you forgot to sign the return envelope or there is a mismatch in signatures, the Supervisor’s office will advise you by text, phone or mail. You can also check whether your ballot has been received and accepted at the SOE office at