Vote By Mail is the safe, smart and easy way to vote in 2020.

We have built a strong working team to build confidence in Vote By Mail.

Vote by Mail-zoom committee meetingsOur League Voter Services, Civics Education, Communications, Speakers Bureau, Publications, and Voting Rights Coalition committees have joined forces with ACLU and the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) to educate and promote VBM in Palm Beach County. We are working closely with our “Supervisor of Elections Wendy Link” and her staff, and we offered our help. Supervisor Link spoke about VBM and did a Q&A via Zoom for us on May 7.      


2020 Matters! Voting and elections are the core of our League. The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that voting is a fundamental citizen right that must be guaranteed. Voting and elections are critically important in this election year. We are developing and rolling out a 2020 Matters nonpartisan VBM outreach campaign, focusing on No Party Affiliates, young voters, seniors, hard-to-reach groups, and low-turnout-voters. We will be reaching out to trusted voices in Palm Beach County communities and asking them to speak to their friends and neighbors. We have purchased excellent information to spread our message to all these voters.


Social media campaigns feature Leaguers and include timely messages about the upcoming elections. They will provide valuable information on the advantages of registering to vote by mail and dispel myths about the vote by mail process. The public will learn about how to access our Voters Guide, Vote 411, and Speakers Bureau PowerPoint presentations on Vote By Mail as well as 2020 ballot amendments.


Vote by Mail-1To reach as many Palm Beach County voters as possible, we’re seeking the support of many organizations and public officials on the city, county and state level to include our VBM message in their newsletters that reach thousands of people each month.                                                            

You can help. We are seeking volunteers to do outreach, phone bank, take pictures, post on social media and write opinion pieces and letters to the editor. We are always seeking volunteers with ideas and energy. Please contact


One more thing- we’re revising the Voter Toolkit on our LWVPBC website, It will help inform voters and drive home our message that 2020 really matters and to make your vote count. Vote by Mail is safe, easy, convenient for more Vote By Mail information go, to or call (561) 656-6200