The Healthcare Committee is reopening their program to show families how to be better prepared for emergencies by using

This site now educates both iPhone and Android phone users on how to alert 911 and important contacts of an emergency and to provide vital medical information at the scene to those who come to your aid.

The unique phone sticker program has been expanded to also include Emergency Alert Stickers for cars and homes to tell first responders to check your phone for medical information and emergency contacts.

Our healthcare committee member, John Pastore, was inspired by his own personal tragedy to develop the website

Everyone seems to carry a mobile phone today. It’s obvious that mobile phones are the device of choice to alert 911, to provide vital information to first responders and to notify contacts.

Most people think they are prepared, but when they take the 2-minute assessment they find areas for improvement.

As a League member, you can help spread the word and help the League.

A portion of each sticker pack sale generated by the League will be donated to the LWVPBC Education Fund.

Sales can also be tracked by committees and directed to help fund their projects.

The First 50 League Members will receive Free Emergency Alert Sticker Packs.

Visit to:

  • Complete the 2-minute assessment
  • Place your order for an Emergency Alert Sticker Pack, and
  • Enter the promo code LWVPBCfirst50

You will receive a free pack and instructions for your family.

When you share the League’s discount code, LWVPBCCares with family, friends and others, a 10% discount will be credited toward the purchase of packs.

Want to provide funds to support your committee programs?  Contact Ashley Cacicedo and for a special committee code to share.

EIP wants to reach out to:

  • Hospitals and physician groups,
  • Care providers,
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Communities, (both independent and assisted living), and
  • other nonprofit organizations that help those who need to be prepared.

A portion of the revenue generated from these sponsors will also benefit the League’s foundation.

Don’t be late, be one of the first 50 to get your free sticker pack and help the League promote this valuable program.

  • By Nancy Gau & Joyce Sullivan