strong passwordsWe all care about being safe on the internet while using our mobile devices and computers.
It’s important to have online access, especially during this pandemic, to get food and supplies, important information, manage appointments, renew prescriptions, access medical records and stay in touch with loved ones.
Increasingly, it’s how many of us shop and bank without leaving our homes. For some of us, it’s a way to stay in the workforce and even participate with new interests or connections.

Like all powerful tools, the Internet and mobile technologies come with some risks. These risks can be managed as long as you follow some basic rules of the road.

Continuing with our Stay Safe Online series, here is another important tip.

Use privacy settings.

Most services have settings that let you control who can see what you post.

  • There are privacy settings for smartphones that can restrict who has access to your location, contacts, and other personal information.
  • Facebook, for example, has extensive controls, letting you post to only friends, your friends and their friends, or everyone on Facebook. You can also limit specific posts to a smaller group like only family members or specific people.
  • Some services give you a choice between private and public posts, with private going just to people you designate. Before posting to any service, it’s good to get to know its privacy policies and settings.