Position Description

Speaker Bureau Chair

Palm Beach County League of Women Voters


The Speaker Bureau chair has the responsibility for managing the Speaker Bureau for the Palm Beach County League of Women Voters.  The bureau has a roster of speakers that varies in number but can be up to 50. These speakers present more than 50 presentations annually and more in an election year. Position reports to the President of the PBCLWV and the Board.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Recruit and train top notch corp of speakers. Take corrective action when necessary
  2. Manage relationships with client organizations
  3. Maintain presentation schedules
  4. Serve as liaison with client organizations for scheduling, donations and problem resolution
  5. Communicate with Issue Groups for development of presentations
  6. Interface with LWV State Speaker Bureau Chair for new presentations and State sponsored presentations
  7. Prepare reports as requested by the President and/or the Board
  8. Maintain inventory of equipment assigned to the Speaker Bureau, i.e., projectors, computers etc.


Core Competencies:

  1. League member for a minimum of two years
  2. Must be an excellent speaker with experience speaking to adult audiences
  3. Proven developer of Power Point Presentations
  4. Seasoned communicator and manager of more than 20 people
  5. Highly organized
  6. More than competent with hardware/software/projectors used by Speaker Bureau
  7. Thirst for learning new subjects


Important Note:   Finalist candidates will be required to present a 10-minute power point presentation to the nominating committee.