Dr. Donald FennoyHOT TOPICS SEPTEMBER 2019
Marsha Vinson, Reporter

Another large LWVPBC luncheon audience greeted Dr. Donald E. Fennoy, the new 26th Superintendent of Schools for the Palm Beach County School District plus School Board members and District personnel.  Dr. Fennoy was asked prior to his impressive talk (video available on the LWVPBC website): What should Leaguers really grasp from Dr. Fennoy’s presentation?  The Superintendent stated that this Hot topic is an inaugural event that he plans to turn into an annual visit to LWVPBC.  He continued that the District is on the right trajectory but there is still work to do.  Dr. Fennoy emphasized that community support, feedback, and involvement are essential to make change, to innovate, and meet the needs of Palm Beach County.  It was obvious that the relationships between Leaguers, the Superintendent, Board members, and District staff were greatly strengthened by the Hot Topics arranged by Kathy Gundlach, Chair of the Education Committee.