August 6, 2020

The links below talk about the new eviction assistance available through Legal Aid. There is not only legal assistance to keep folks from acquiring a court record but financial assistance to pay back rent.

Rapid Response Eviction Assistance Project

Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County is launching a new program to help tenants
impacted by COVID19.

To help individuals avoid homelessness due to the impending expiration of the State of
Florida’s four-month moratorium on evictions, the Legal Aid Society is offering free legal
services and rental assistance to eligible tenants in Palm Beach County. Through
funding and support provided by the Palm Beach County Board of County
Commissioners, the Rapid Response Eviction Assistance Project (RREAP) will assist
individuals who have received a three-day notice or demand for rent from their landlord,
who have been served with an eviction lawsuit, or who need help understanding the
eviction process.

The Rapid Response Eviction Assistance Project will provide the following services free
of charge:

  Pre-suit mediation between landlords and tenants
  Legal advice regarding the eviction process
  Referrals for rental assistance
  Preparation of responses to an eviction lawsuit
  Assistance in negotiating repayment plans
  Court representation

Individuals facing eviction can call the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County’s Rapid
Response Eviction Project at toll free at 1-800-403-9353 Ext. 328 or