DISCLAIMER: The League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County asked the candidates to share information about themselves and their platform. These were their responses. These statements reflect the candidates’ views and not the views of the League of Women Voters. The league does not endorse candidates. We provide the public resources to make informed decisions.

Palm Beach Gardens Council Candidates

Marcie Tinsley- Incumbent

Marcie Tinsely- Incumbent



Marcie Tinsley has called Palm Beach Gardens home for almost 20 years. Marcie and her husband have raised three children in PBG.  She served two terms on City Council and served as Mayor during her 2nd term.  She has continued to serve the community by volunteering on boards and committees locally and regionally.

Marcie supported term limits and has listened to the will of the voters. She took a break from politics and had an opportunity to watch our city grow from the sidelines. She was encouraged by friends, many residents and business owners to serve again. Marcie is a successful businessperson and a new empty-nester, Marcie now has more time to dedicate her leadership skills and experience to our city.  In today’s challenging times, she hopes to use her knowledge and history to protect our neighborhoods from overdevelopment while protecting the City’s natural resources.  Marcie can help bridge the gap between the past and present and lead our city into the future.

Marcie’s near-term vision and goal is to help our residents through the pandemic and help get our economy moving again. Marcie believes in an open and transparent government. She also wants to make sure our city grows in a thoughtful manner while keeping taxes low and protecting our natural resources.

Rob Nanfro

Rob Nanfro


My wife, Claudia, and I instantly fell in love with Palm Beach Gardens and I immediately became PBG Proud!.

I am running to create a more transparent City Council, to work towards meaningful changes that encompass MacArthur’s vision and create opportunities to become a forward-thinking community.

Did you know about the issues below?

  1. $14M Bond – At a recent meeting, the City Council passed a bond that will be paid by projected revenues; any shortfall will be footed by the taxpayers.
  2. The “Sears Lawsuit” – Taxpayers paid $625,000 to Sears as order by the Judge!
  3. Term Limits Originally my opponent said voters should decide “Term Limits” and they did in 2014 but once she was “termed-out”, she changed her tune.  Her subjective view stated approval for ‘reasonable’ term limits and what is out there isn’t reasonable.”

The City Council should invite participation from the residents by; having interactive council meetings to review project areas and the neighborhood(s) that will be affected and resident workshops.

We Need Transparency

I am a CPA & Tax Expert and the best choice to bring government transparency and fiscal responsibility to the City Council.