Reported by Marsha Vinson

 Michele Jacobs, League of Women Voters member and President, Economic Council of Palm Beach County, gave League members a fascinating ‘tour’ of Palm Beach County – where we are now and a detailed profile of Palm Beach County’s future.  Michelle urges League members to familiarize themselves with FLORIDA 2030: The Blueprint to Secure Florida’s Future including Palm Beach County.  Visit the Florida Chamber of Commerce website: and the Economic Council of Palm Beach County website:  Michelle’s thought-provoking presentation offered luncheon attendees an inside look at the workings of the Economic Council formed 45 years ago and comprised of 100 business and community leaders.


League members may not be aware of the many accomplishments of the Economic Council detailed by Michelle including the creation of the Criminal Justice Commission, the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, and SunFest.  Michelle explained the interoperability between the recruitment of new business to the county, the “A” rated Palm Beach County school system, affordable workforce housing,  user-friendly transportation, infrastructure, and addressing environmental challenges.  Michelle revealed the future demographics of the county when the Caucasian population will become a minority.  She stressed that the Council views the importance of tourism and the growing elderly population.  The July Hot Topics Luncheon will feature Glenn Jergensen, Executive Director, Palm Beach County Tourism Development Council.