Those of us involved and committed to the goals and mission of the League of Women Voters understand why the League must be in a position to continue its important work for years to come. The League’s past accomplishments are many and have made uncompromising differences in all of our lives. Learning from the past, we understand how vital it is for the League to sustain itself for the future.

With that in mind, John Pastore and Ileane Rayman-Kaufman, members of the League, have been discussing at our meetings and with individual members, how each of us can guarantee the League’s future.

  • They have made it easy for us to understand the various opportunities that are available for us to help;
  • They have answered the many questions that we have;
  • They are teaching us how giving can be a satisfying and rewarding experience!

We know that most people’s instincts are to be helpful and generous but so many times the chatter inside our heads create obstacles.

John and Ileane will help silence that chatter!

They will help you feel comfortable by simplifying and explaining everything in user-friendly terms. They will walk you through the steps to make a difference in your family’s life while at the same time ensure the future of the League of Women Voters.

John and Ileane are here for you because they, too, are passionate about the League. They, too, have concerns for its future. They have taken their passion and concern for the League and are helping to make a difference. HOW ABOUT YOU? Contact them – and they will help you, too!

Ileane Rayman-Kaufman         John Pastore
786-340-8909                        802-999-7300