National Popular Vote Stars at National Constitution Day Events

By Cynthia Archbold


For the first time ever, thanks to LWVPBC, proposed National Popular Vote legislation—to make every vote count and increase voter turnout–was presented in September at National Constitution Day events at colleges and universities across the state in forums on the Constitution, Electoral College and First Amendment.


NPV legislation, known as the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC), supported by the LWV, guarantees that the winner of the most popular votes across the nation becomes president of the United States—all without requiring a Constitutional amendment.


In Boca Raton, TV commentator and Ana Navarro was the keynote speaker at Florida Atlantic University’s Constitution Day, celebrated on September 25 which was sold out with 500 plus attendees and standing room only.


This statewide effort to educate the public about NPVIC is thanks to an initiative launched by the Florida League of Women Voter’s NPV Chair Kathleen Crampton and her team, who met monthly with NPV issue chairs in league chapters across the state to plan these local events. The goal is to get NPV passed in Florida by 2024.  Fifteen states and the District of Columbia have passed NPVIC bills, adding up to 196 electoral votes. Only 74 more votes are needed to get to 270, the required number to make NPV the law of the land.


“We’re 72 percent of the way there,” says Patrick Rosenstiel, a Republican political strategist for the National Popular Vote Inc., speaking in Boca Raton on the FAU panel.  Rosenstiel says the NPV will make all votes equal in every state and encourages presidential candidates to campaign all over the nation—not just in a handful of battleground states. Rosenstiel says the current system of winner-take-all creates voter suppression because candidates only focus on swing states while ignoring three-fourths of the nation’s voters.


“I think we’ll see an improvement in the body politic. I actually think the most dangerous kind of identity politics in this day and age is the red state identity and the blue state identity. The truth is we are all American voters who want what is in the best interest of our communities, our families and our businesses.”


The audience was eager for more information and snapped up NPV brochures and handouts at the LWVPBC table.


League chapters partnered with FAU, University of Central Florida, Orlando; Florida Gulf University, Fort Meyers; University of South Florida, Tampa; University of Tampa, Hillsborough Community College, Tampa; Saint Leo University, Tampa; University of North Florida, Jacksonville; The Tiger Bay Club, St. Petersburg.