LWVPBC says:

Nothing COOL about being an ill-informed citizen!

November Cool Topic: Civics Trivia

Marsha Vinson, Reporter



  1. Adults and children alike who attended the very entertaining and educational evening at the Stem Center created and presented by Christine Campbell-Gabor, LWVPBC Civics Education Chair, will be the first to admit that we take a lot for granted about our democratic society and that we all, young and old, must enrich our knowledge about our government and political institutions.
  2. It takes more than a passing knowledge of our executive, judicial, and legislative branches and civil rights to qualify as an active, educated voter ready to tackle the challenges of the 2020 election cycle.
  3. Christine Campbell-Gabor’s very clever tricks, entitled Quizzard of Oz Civics Trivia, make brushing up on civic knowledge not only enjoyable but also create an atmosphere of positive collaboration in the classroom and outside, like her well-received interactive presentation at the Stem Center.
  4. Most of us are confident that we can pass the U.S. Citizenship Test but studies show that a high percentage would fail regardless of professional status and level of education. The LWVPBC Civic Education Committee’s crossword puzzle booklets now in use as educational tools in the classroom and throughout Palm Beach County fill not only a void in our schools’ curriculum but also positively encourage critical thinking and civility.
  5. The statements on civic engagement and more, expressed by Civics Trivia participants, reflect the critical need for informed voters capable of building our democratic future.