DISCLAIMER: The League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County asked the candidates to share information about themselves and their platform. These were their responses. These statements reflect the candidates’ views and not the views of the League of Women Voters. The league does not endorse candidates. We provide the public resources to make informed decisions.

North Palm Beach Candidates

Village Council Seat 2

Susan Tiedemann Bickel - Incumbent

Susan Tiedemann Bickel - Incumbent


A lifelong resident of North Palm Beach, Susan Bickel has served as a Village Councilmember for the past four years. Currently serving as Mayor, Susan has worked hard for the residents of North Palm Beach.  She has spearheaded the creation of the Environmental Board, created the Village Art Show and pushed to see existing facilities, including the North Palm Beach Country Club pool, upgraded.

During Susan’s tenure on Council, the budget has been balanced every year while protecting and increasing the General Fund balance to ensure future economic health.  Susan has lived in five areas of the Village, including both south and north of Lighthouse and west of Prosperity, and has experienced firsthand what matters to each neighborhood. Susan’s platform focuses on maintaining the charm and character of the Village while encouraging the revitalization of our business areas.  From her years on the Planning Commission, Susan understands how to balance growth with neighborhood needs.

In addition to her Council work, Susan is in her 27th year of teaching.  A graduate of Georgetown University and University of Pennsylvania School of Education, she is the Science Coordinator and Department Chair at the Benjamin Lower School and also serves on the Governing Board of the American Association of Chemistry Teachers.  Susan was recently named Teacher of the Year by the American Association of Chemistry Teachers.

Colby Briggs

Colby Briggs


Colby Briggs is running for council because he believes the village has been going down the wrong path and relations with residents are strained. There have been changes made to some ordinances that do not benefit the residents or homeowners. He believes some of the changes being made should not be up to five council members (for instance, US1 lane reduction). A major change like this should be voted on by the residents. Colby Briggs wants to give a greater voice to the residents and small business owners of our community. A Voice For All


  • We will NOT become like an HOA
    • Repeal and rewrite boat/RV ordinance. Follow FDOT regulations on motorhomes/trailers. This has nothing to do with residents that have boats moored on their property.
  • NO US HWY 1 lane reduction
    • Critical to keeping traffic flow off of Lighthouse/Anchorage
    • Small business owners will be impacted by construction
    • This was implemented in Tequesta and many community members are unhappy with the outcome and the negative impact it has had on the community
    • With scheduled additional high rises slotted for development in NPB a reduction in lanes on US HWY 1 will not be able to support the traffic flow
  • Better council/community relations
    • Village meetings need to be a forum for ALL voices to be heard and recognized
    • Greater transparency on the village council
    • More decisions made by village vote as opposed to council only decisions
  • Community Park Rejuvenation
    • Lakeside Park
      • Replace shade trees
      • Make more family-friendly
  • Anchorage Park
    • Boat storage needs updating
  • Recreation
    • Streamline sports programs to better utilize facilities
  • Safety
    • Sober living facilities need to be held more accountable and provide greater transparency to decrease the overdoses happening in the community

North Palm Beach Candidates

Village Council Seat 4

David Norris - Incumbent

David Norris - Incumbent


David Norris truly believes the Village of North Palm Beach is the best place to live under the sun. He is running for Village Council to keep it that way.

Steady, proven leadership is essential as we navigate the Covid-19 recovery while at the same time support our local small businesses and help NPB families through this trying time by keeping taxes low and providing world-class public safety.

Mr. Norris loves the village’s unique community, its charm, natural treasures and most importantly our wonderful residents. David Norris is committed to protecting the special character of our village.

Mr. Norris owns and operates a business in the Village of North Palm Beach, has raised his family here and has remained actively involved in our community through civic and public service for more than 25 years.

David Norris is proud to have earned the endorsement of our brave responders including police, firefighters and paramedics.

Mr. Norris’ priorities for North Palm Beach include:

  • Covid-19 recovery
  • World-class Public Safety
  • Keep taxes low
  • Support local businesses
  • Protect our unique quality of life

John Frerking

John Frerking


John Frerking believes he has the knowledge and experience to represent the people of the Village of North Palm Beach.  Living in the village for over 50 years and serving as pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in North Palm Beach, Mr. Frerking has a record of continuous community involvement. Twice recognized as Community Leader of the Year by the Northern Palm Beaches Chamber of Commerce and recognized with the Public Service Award by the Florida Senate, he believes he is a proven leader and innovator and has improved the lives of countless people through local, state and national boards.

The North Palm Beach Village Council has had difficulty dealing successfully with this village on a number of issues.  The chief issue is the reduction of lanes of US Highway 1 that runs through the village. Many questions about this proposed project have not been answered. Anxiety abounds about a five-person council voting on a project that impacts 13,000 residents.  A few residents have seen a “concept” of the laning, but none of the residents have seen the actual design, nor been given the list of “Q and A”, nor had multiple opportunities to discuss this openly. The people must ultimately decide this issue by ballot.

There are other issues that need attention:

  1. Clear, concise communication delivered through the monthly newsletter on upcoming council votes and actions need to be provided. Residents too often find themselves reacting to council actions already taken.
  2. Also the council itself should be a reflection of all geographic sections that make up the village.
  3. Term limits need to be in place to ensure an orderly rotation of people who bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Long-term presence on the council tends to bring the risk of authoritarianism and tends to cater to only one group of voters.
  4. RV/Boat codes are still based on 50 year old vehicle specifications.

This village is not an HOA.