Reported by Marsha Vinson

In Riviera Beach, as described by Orie Bullard, grant-funded programs with high success rates are available at the City of Riviera Beach Reentry Center to support those recently released from Florida’s Department of Corrections as well as Federal prison. These programs established in 2006 include implementation of community-based transitional strategies and comprehensive case management services targeting low-risk individuals including youth offenders (Back To A Future initiative). More than 1400 ex-offenders have been successfully guided back into the community. Reentry services begin with aiding individuals in obtaining important identification documentation: birth certificates, Social Security identification, and (hardship) driver’s licenses. Planned social activities, as well as on-the-job training, is available. The center’s professional staff receives ongoing cognitive behavior training. Mr. Bullard seeks LWVPBC support in reducing Florida’s high rate of incarceration – statistically greater than any country in the world. Overseeing the Reentry Center is the Palm Beach County Reentry Task Force.
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