Reported by Marsha Vinson

At the May 28, 2019 meeting at PBSO Headquarters, Sheriff of Palm Beach County Ric Bradshaw enthusiastically related to LWVPBC representatives, Arlene Ustin, Martha Smith, and Marsha Vinson that he and his department, the largest law enforcement agency in the county, wholeheartedly support the mission of the League of Women Voters including Gun Safety and Mental Health Initiatives.  The Sheriff shared his favorite motto that he learned from his father: Work on things you have a chance to change. Sheriff Bradshaw and his colleague, Lesley Shriberg,  Governmental Affairs Coordinator/Investigative Operations Bureau, have invited the League to participate at forthcoming community events including the October 2019 National Night Out for Crime Prevention held at the Royal Palm Beach Target.   Topics covered at the meeting included: Gun Safety’s Lock It Up and Law Enforcement and Mental Health.  Gun locks are an integral part of the Sheriff’s budget.  During his recent testimony in Washington DC before the Senate Judiciary Committee that he reviewed with our League representatives, Sheriff Bradshaw reported that implementation of Florida’s recently passed Red Flag Law in Palm Beach County has resulted in the filing of Risk Protection Orders against 28 individuals – 16 orders have been executed by the PBSO and weapons have been removed from the possession of persons who may be a danger to themselves or others.  The Sheriff’s department, which is involved in approximately 3700 mental health cases annually, has obtained sizeable funding for a mental health program including budgeting for mental health professionals to work alongside PBC sheriffs.  LWVPBC Gun Safety looks forward to developing and expanding further a working partnership with the PBSO.