By Emily Rosen

Kathi GundlachMeet Kathi Gundlach your current first Vice President of the PBC LWV Board of Directors and co-chair of the Education Committee. Kathi is all about education, and who else but our dear Elayne Goodman lured her to a Hot Topic meeting about five years ago, which turned her into a Life Leaguer.

Anything that involves education is on Kathi’s resume. “An educated electorate is the cornerstone of our democracy” is her mantra, and no one would question that. She’s a former President of the Palm Beach Classroom Teachers Association, President of the Palm Beach County Association of School Psychologists,   and a Union Leader. All of her several degrees have been achieved in Florida schools.

She is also a past member of the Board of Directors of the National Education Association and no one can say that she doesn’t understand finance as she served on the Palm Beach County School District Budget Committee. Add her membership in the Lantana Library Foundation and the Greater Lantana Educational Council, and whew! No wonder she was voted “The Most Dependable” in her Junior High School Class.  That evidently never changed.

Those of us pushing for more quality civics education will be glad to know that the Education Committee in partnership with the special Civics Education Committee will be working on a $1,000.00  grant, $250. For four teachers, at four different grade levels,  to develop a school project in Palm Beach to enhance student understanding of the workings of government on all levels. It is certainly way past time for that to happen.

A prodigious traveler, the only state in all of those in the “united,” that Kathi has not yet visited, is Hawaii, which is high on her “After Covid” bucket list. You might possibly find her in Ireland, someday, also on that list, in search of her Scottish-Irish descendants.

Although born in Canton, Ohio, Kathi was moved to Florida when she was only two years old and feels entitled to call herself a Florida native. She grew up in Palm Beach and currently lives in Hypoluco. She and her husband Paul and their children all graduated from Lake Worth High School, which is native enough in my language.

Always presenting an optimistic attitude, Kathi expresses confidence that we will soon be meeting face to face, maskless, in what will be a return to a new normal. As some wise person once said, “Hope springs eternal.”