The Lock It Up Team (Shirley Aronson, Janet Chaikin, Rosalie Almborg, Arlene Ustin, Betsy Pickup and Kristen Murtaugh) is excited to report on a busy and effective start to 2020.

We are grateful to The National Coalition of Jewish Women for their donation of $150 and to NOW for their donation of $50 toward the printing of information cards.  We had generous graphic design assistance from Cristina Meija for the changes we wanted to make to the card templates we had received from the Broward LWV.

As of mid-January, we had given away our stash of gun locks and were pleased to be able to pick up 800 more at the Veterans Administration in WPB.

Community involvement and partnering are important to this initiative. Team members attended five tabling events in January, where we distributed gun locks and information handouts. Several more events are scheduled for February.

The leaders of the Broward LWV’s Lock It Up! Program have been wonderful neighbors, sharing their experience and written materials most generously! We have met with the South Palm Beach County MOMS Demand Action organization to discuss ways to partner and share resources. Several Lock It Up team members have done the excellent on-line training offered by MOMS Demand Action on how to effectively present the Be Smart community presentation. We have initiated contacts with mental health associations and police departments to distribute information cards and gun locks at events and by request. We plan to contact daycare centers, schools, pediatrician offices, and other places where we can distribute our information.

There is a lot of work to be done and many different approaches to take to make this program successful.  We need help staffing event tables, making calls to organizations we want to partner with, writing and calling our legislators on gun safety. taking our information cards to agencies, and much more. We were excited to have an interest in our initiative expressed by several participants in the LWVPBC February new member orientation. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our team and have even a few hours you can share with us.

Betsy Pickup

Kristen Murtaugh