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Lake Worth Beach Candidates


Pam Triolo - Incumbent

Pam Triolo - Incumbent


Mayor Pam Triolo is currently in her 4th term as Mayor and got involved when the City was almost bankrupt, crime-ridden, the pool, casino and museum shut down, had rampant gang activity, and was about to get rid of PBSO.  Elected officials at that time told residents to “Get used to living in a ghetto”.  Since Mayor Pam has been in office she has honored her promises.  Crime is down double digits, property values up double digits and she’s increased our tax base with new development that will provide jobs and infill our city with patrons to support our downtown, without sacrificing our small town charm. She has a plan for local COVID vaccination sites, to enhance our beachfront property and pool, get the Gulfstream Hotel open and breaking ground this year, continue to improve all roadways, protect our citizens from the effects of sea-level rise/flooding, and she will invest in our children with new plans for our community center, gym and parks. As only the 3rd female Mayor in the City’s 100+ year history, her commitment has been transparent and heartfelt and her attention is solely focused on you, your families and the amazing future of this city.

Ronald J Hensley

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William Joseph

William Joseph


I am a Father,  Husband, born in Haiti from the USA.
25-year residents, over two decades of public service.
Experience- ETHIC- independent.
Private detective
Fugitive recovery agent
Senior investigator
Security instructor and more
And small business owner
I am 50 years old with four children

I’m running to rebuild the City into a City that works for all of us.

I’m running for office because I believe Lake Worth Beach residents need better representation in our government. I have a real condition with the people in the heart of the community and can deliver real solutions to the problem we are facing in Lake Worth Beach.

My vision is sustainable REDEVELOPMENT.
I want to focus on making our streets attractive and updating our public facilities. My vision for Lake Worth Beach is for a thriving and innovative Downtown. We must update our beach facilities  If doing so we will create a massive Economic Increase for small businesses restaurants and businesses in the entertainment. My goal is to increase revenues for the City by creating more opportunities for small businesses. This is a Win-Win for Everybody.

My vision is for an Electric utility infrastructure that is efficient and delivering renewable power at a reasonable price to all residents
A public servant highly qualified to serve as our next Mayor.
As Mayor William Joseph will whip the City into shape.
. Sustainable and sensible.
. Public spaces and streets
. New community center
. Homeless facilities
. Updating the beach is a positive win for everybody
. Generate revenues from Tourism
. Diverse entertainment
. Creating opportunities for small businesses a Win-Win for everybody
. Flourishing Downtown
. Pandemic safe facilities commercial/ residential.

Betty Resch

Betty Resch



I am a 40-resident of Lake Worth Beach, a homeowner, a family law attorney, and a community leader. I am running for office because I have seen, firsthand, the many changes that have shaped our city. I believe in our city and in our residents. I believe our residents deserve to have more input on the issues that affect their lives. It’s time to put a stop to the constant infighting and dysfunction associated with our current Mayor and commission. As Mayor, my priorities will include: term limits for elected officials; restoring dignity and civility on our commission; improving customer service for our residents; promoting transparency in city government; improving communication between citizens, city staff and the commission; reviewing the city attorney and city manager’s contracts and performance; promoting homeownership; making the beach park and pool a priority; expanding our community policing to enable residents to work in partnership with our police to find solutions for neighborhood issues; improving transparency and accountability between the CRA and the citizens; finding the balance between maintaining our cottage feel and development – consistent with our small-town lifestyle. I am married to Lou Bristol. We are rescuers of old dogs, cats and birds.

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Lake Worth Beach Candidates

Commission- District 1

Scott Maxwell - Incumbent

Scott Maxwell - Incumbent


Historically, Lake Worth Beach never reached its full potential due largely to a history of benign neglect …and I wanted to help change that.

Crumbling infrastructure, excessive utility rates, neighborhood blight and crime were legacy issues the old Lake Worth was known for.

I said we were better than that and promised to fix those issues!

And we have:

  • We’ve invested $150 million dollars into streets, underground utilities etc., substantially improving our infrastructure citywide and quality of life.
  • Our electric utility system is more efficient and reliable and we now enjoy some of the lowest residential rates in the state.
  • Our partnership with PBSO roughly 12 years ago has resulted in crime rates falling every year over the previous year.

Our city is shedding old legacy issues and our future is brighter than ever and I want to continue being part of this transformation.

Going forward, continuing to improve quality of life and public safety for all residents is my continued focus.

We must identify mitigation tactics to address excessive traffic and related speed and develop a robust downtown and neighborhood parking system. Also, increasing and enhancing community policing will help ensure a better quality of life for residents citywide.

Sarah Malega

Sarah Malega


As a first-time candidate for Lake Worth City Commission District 1 in 2018, I lost by a small margin. The reason I ran then is the same reason I am running today.  Our City needs a governing body that cares about ALL residents and business owners, that has open lines of communication, a welcoming City Hall, transparency and positivity.

As a resident who lives within the poorest, highest crime and underdeveloped area of the city, I can see, it is time for change.

We have had violent crimes against young Hispanic and Gay people that have gone unaddressed by city officials. The violent crimes against people of color are still high in the same underprivileged section of the city. Our current commissioner, in his 13 years in office, has failed to address these issues that are critical to our most vulnerable residents.

Life in Lake Worth Beach will not improve as long as we continue to have no term limits!!!  I am in favor of term limits because it avoids stagnation and promotes a democracy that is essential to a healthy community.

I also believe if you do not offer leisure services, recreational programs, safe well-performing schools, green space and walkable communities that you do not attract buyers for new development or homes within the community.  Thus, if you do not increase the population, then you cannot support nor attract new businesses coming to the city.

As a successful business owner since 2006, I understand financial challenges, the ever-changing global and economic landscape, the ebbs and flows, if you will.

We need to reinvent to keep up with a technically changing world.

The lack of support for businesses from our City Commission during COVID is disheartening to say the least.  The need for a City Commissioner who is also a liaison to the business community within the City is something I am eager to institute.

I am proud to be a woman, a Sister, a Mom, a Wife, successful business owner! And to be able to add City Commissioner to this list excites me because it would give me the satisfaction of setting Lake Worth Beach on the path to becoming the welcoming, inclusive, livable and unique city we ALL know it can be!!!

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Lake Worth Beach Candidates

Commission- District 2

Carla L. Blockson- Incumbent

Carla L. Blockson



I am running for the honor of serving as District 2 Commissioner because Lake Worth Beach is at a crossroad. We are at a place where we can either regress or progress toward our vision. This year will be my 25th Anniversary of serving in the city. I have served on the Electric Utilities Board, Community Relations Board, Project Graduation at Lake Worth High School, and For The Children.

I am the newly appointed Commissioner for District 2. These experiences have taught me to build bridges and seek consensus. I am an independent thinker who thinks outside the box. I am prepared to continue Moving Lake Worth Beach Forward Together. My issues are detailed below:

  • Term limits for Mayor and Commissioners (Limited to 6 years)
  • Community Representation and Access (required office hours and quarterly town hall meetings)
  • Renovation of Gulf Stream Hotel for jobs and tax revenue
  • Better Schools by Enacting Education Advisory Board to address problems and inequities
  • Master Parks Plan to Address the Unequal Revenue Distribution Regarding Park Facilities and Amenities

Paola Branda

Paola Branda

Hello, my name is Paola Branda. I am from Venezuela, but I am also a United States citizen. I came to this country when I was 16 years of age, and since then, Lake Worth has been my home.

I know The City of Lake Worth is home for both Americans and immigrants, and I am passionate to see this home united. Educating immigrants on the importance of being a good citizen as all American Citizens set a good citizenship example. This example involves taking care of our city, keeping it clean, beautiful, and welcoming.

The City of Lake Worth has many opportunities, such as business opportunities, local schools, and family events that make our city unique.

My passion is to see all Lake Worth citizens work together to keep our community safe, productive, and united. We are all a team that needs to get together for the benefit of our community. As a result, we will all benefit from having a beautiful City with many job opportunities as well as many leisure activities. These activities include going for walks, yoga, swimming, painting, reading books in our library, music, bike rides, dancing, and many many more activities that our local citizens, as well as visitors, can enjoy.

My dream is to see Lake Worth as a city full of life for our local children, youth, adults, and those who come from other towns to see the beauty we have to offer here in The City of Lake Worth.

My passion is to see all come together and work together to protect and keep our city safe, beautiful, and productive.

Ryan Oblander

Ryan Oblander



I was asked to run back in 2019 by two Lake Worth Beach Commissioners. They knew that as a civic leader and my involvement with my neighborhood, EUAB, NAPC, and various other non-profits, that I would be the right fit for the position. I moved to Lake Worth Beach in 2005, and within the first year, I helped form the Sunset Ridge Neighborhood Association and have served as president since 2008. We have a large email list and I keep my neighbors informed on commission meetings, one-on-ones with the city manager, electric utilities, PBSO, and planned developments. I served on the Electric Utility Advisory Board since 2017, so I’ve been exposed to the nuances of our utility. I joined the NAPC and serve as Secretary of Communications, keeping all of the neighborhoods up to date, and volunteer whenever I can. I’m a graduate of the Lake Worth Municipal Institute, a city-sponsored program designed to educate citizens on city government, and recently joined the Lake Worth Beach Education Task Force. My goals are to increase homeownership, promote tourism, improve school ratings and infrastructure, and turn our city into a global leader in renewable energy.

Christopher McVoy

Christopher McVoy



A 20+ year resident of Lake Worth Beach, I was sent to South Florida in 1995 as a Ph.D. scientist to help restore the Everglades. I am running for City Commissioner, District 2 because my life experiences and training qualify me particularly well to represent everyone in our special, quirky city. As a scientist, I bring skills for ferreting out truth and a commitment to open, fact-based decision making. Living in the Netherlands, Mexico, France, Germany, India and Costa Rica gave me respect for different cultures and ways of solving urban problems. I am passionate about listening to all and eager to strengthen the things that make our city unusual.

I will help restore civility to city government, where differing viewpoints can be openly discussed and all residents can feel heard. The challenges of Covid, climate change and our electric utility require a compassionate leader who is also a critical thinker.

I will address LWB’s damaging electric reputation through energy conservation programs with immediate savings; re-open the Public Pool with penny tax funds; revitalize Dixie Hwy with expanded small business support from the CRA; incentivize home purchases and improvements through improved community policing, increased traffic calming and CRA support.

Lake Worth Beach Candidates

Commission- District 3

Andy Amoroso - Incumbent

Andy Amoroso - Incumbent


Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso has been elected to serve District 3 since November of 2011 and in 2014 he ran unopposed for his second 2-year term and in 2016 was reelected for his 3rd 2-year term.  As a native Floridian and a 37-year resident of Lake Worth, a longtime small business owner, former president of his Neighborhood Association and an active community leader, he is committed to making a positive difference for the citizens of Lake Worth.  As former Vice-Chairman of the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), Vice Mayor Amoroso has helped lead the effort to bring Publix and the Palm Beach County Cultural Council to Lake Worth, creating new jobs and adding to the city’s tax base.

He has worked with the CRA board to secure a $23 million NSP2 grant to stabilize neighborhoods affected by foreclosed and abandoned properties and promote homeownership.  Currently, as the CRA’s Liaison to the City, Vice Mayor Amoroso continues to move the City forward with the new arts program LULA by continuing to promote art growth with the new art-work live spaces and mural projects as well as promoting new music and art events within the City of Lake Worth.

Vice Mayor Amoroso believes that the safety of the residents of Lake Worth is a top priority; therefore, he supports keeping the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.  Vice Mayor Amoroso supports the 5-year initiative to lower the electric utility costs and he is proud to be Palm Beach County and Lake Worth’s first openly gay elected official.  He currently seats as second Vice President of the National League of Cities Constituency Group (GLBTLO).

In 2014 he was appointed to the National League of Cities Advocacy and Policy Board. In 2015, Vice Mayor Amoroso was appointed to Palm Beach County League of Cities Board of Directors and reappointed in 2016, and in 2015 he was also appointed to the Women’s Foundation of Palm Beach County. Most recently, he was appointed to the Florida League of Cities Transportation & Intergovernmental Relations Committee and he was also appointed to the Palm Beach County Business Development Board.  Vice Mayor Amoroso’s desire and goal is to have a city that “works” for the people of Lake Worth.

Vice Mayor Amoroso’s desire and goal is to have a city that “works” for the people of Lake Worth.

Drew Martin

Drew Martin


The city faces serious budget shortfalls, lacks transparency and failed to finish projects including the Casino pool and Gulfstream hotel. The city is permitting the CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) to sell property at a loss and remove historic cottages near downtown. If we destroy our unique downtown, we will lose the traditional appeal that attracts visitors to our city.

Our quaint Florida historic look appeals to downtown and beach visitors. We can expand our unique brand by preserving our assets and introducing environmental upgrades. Shoppers can be given reusable bags; we can avoid single-use plastic, substantially reducing unsightly litter. Litter also decreases the effectiveness of our storm drains and flood control systems.

Our city depends heavily on our power company’s income to pay for city expenses. We can put solar panels on city buildings and solar panel shading over our parking lots. The cars will be cooler in the shade and the utility can sell this power at a profit.

By restoring our pool at the beach casino, we will create daytime family activities for our residents and guests.

By renovating the Gulfstream hotel, we will create an anchor for more visitors to stay while they enjoy our unique town.

Why running?

My goal is to see Lake Worth Beach become known as a forward-thinking city supporting a clean environment, equality, transparency and fiscal responsibility.

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Kim Stokes

Kim Stokes



Born and raised in Lake Worth, I am a proud second-generation Lake Worth High School “Trojan.” After earning a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Florida, I returned to LWCHS to teach a range of math classes, from Algebra to AP Calculus BC. Currently, I work in educational technology where collaboration is the key to our success. I also have two beautiful daughters who amaze and inspire me daily.

I’m running for office because I believe that by listening to our residents and actively pursuing their input, we can work together to create a better future for our city. It’s going to take all of us – residents, community leaders, and small business owners – coming together to tackle the challenges laid before us by a difficult year.

I will have fixed office hours and quarterly town hall meetings. I will establish an outreach & advocacy program that partners with non-profits, PBSO and the CRA to provide residents access to the resources they need to address the critical issues of Covid, homelessness, prostitution, and addiction. I will ensure the $22 million in penny-tax revenue is used for key amenities such as city-wide park upgrades and the reopening of our public pool.