DISCLAIMER: The League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County asked the candidates to share information about themselves and their platform. These were their responses. These statements reflect the candidates’ views and not the views of the League of Women Voters. The league does not endorse candidates. We provide the public resources to make informed decisions.

Juno Beach Referendum Questions

Question 1: When there is an election to fill a vacant seat on the town council the person elected will serve the remainder of the term for that particular seat, removes the mandatory requirement for the filling of vacancies and requires that persons seeking to be appointed to a vacant seat on the town council submit documentation generally required of a candidate and that the council consider such documentation.

Question 2: Clarifies that the town council has the authority to employ and retain professional advisors and consultants and requires 24 hours’ notice of special meetings in the absence of a state of emergency.

Question 3: Asks whether the charter must require a unanimous vote of the town council to change the future land use classification or zoning designation of environmentally sensitive land.

Question 4: Asks whether the charter must allow a vote of four members of the Town Council, in addition to a referendum vote, before the town can enter into a contract to outsource the management or duties of the police department.

Question 5: Asks whether the town manager must provide a written notice to the Town Council if there is a designation of an acting Town Council in the event of a temporary absence, and whether the town clerk is required to attest to contracts executed by the town manager.

Juno Beach Council Candidates

Council Seat 2

Stuart Katz- Incumbent

Stuart Katz


Stuart Katz was born and raised in Connecticut, attended Amherst College, and received medical training at Cornell and Harvard Universities. During his career, Mr. Katz was a pioneer in minimally-invasive x-ray guided surgery and practiced diagnostic radiology. He has lived in Juno Beach since retiring from medicine.

 While living in Juno Beach Mr. Katz became interested in working for our citizens and was appointed to the Juno Beach Planning and Zoning Board. He strives to enhance the value of the town while maintaining our small-town character. For the past three years, Stuart Katz has been an independent voice on our Town Council. He believes in respecting science, respecting nature, and respecting each other.

Elaine Cotronakis

Elaine Cotronakis


Elaine Cotronakis loves Juno Beach and she is passionate about serving our community. Her family has called Juno Beach home for the last 10 years and they love its small-town charm and community lifestyle.

Ms. Cotronakis is running for Juno Beach Town Council Seat 2 to be a strong, independent voice for our residents. Juno Beach needs more unity on the Town Council so we can get the important work of our town done. Ms. Cotronakis wants to focus on building compromise, bringing people together, and listening to what our residents’ needs are. She is a collaborator who will work with Town staff to ensure our neighborhoods are safe, taxes are kept low, and our town is financially sound. Juno Beach needs to enhance and protect its beaches, waters, sea life, lake and natural areas for the benefit of our residents.  Ms. Cotronakis’ background in banking, health care and real estate would allow her to bring fresh ideas and a new perspective to town issues.

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Juno Beach Council Candidates

Council Seat 4

Alexander R. Cooke

Alexander Cooke



My family and I have lived in Juno Beach now for a few years, we know how amazing the town is and that is must be protected. As the youngest candidate and youngest potential council member, I bring a new perspective from a generation that grew up in the tech age. I have spent the last 20+ years in Capital Markets all the way from trading bonds to managing the assets of political families. With this experience, I bring, beyond the rare financial background, an ability to work with both sides of politics, businesspeople, and developers alike. I will protect the lands while bringing us into the next decade and allowing for consistent and appropriate development for a small beach town. I intend to make our town fiscally responsible while maintaining budgets and getting to work on the desperately needed infrastructure. Traffic calming and maintenance of natural spaces will be key parts of this plan. It was a calculated choice to run and break the stalemates in our town. I research exhaustively everything I do, and I operate to an ethical standard that I rarely find in the world these days. I will always put the best interests of the town first.

Diana Davis

Diana Davis


Diana Davis is ready for the challenge of becoming a member of Town Council. In her 30-year career, she has developed the essential knowledge and skills that will make a difference.

Forward Planning: As an attorney in the Tallahassee state government, at FP&L, and in private practice, Ms. Davis knows that Juno Beach needs a 5-10 year strategic plan. It must focus on infrastructure, such as upgrading fiber optic networks. Future development has to preserve the unique character of our town, limit traffic, and preserve our beaches, parks, and natural areas.

Involving Citizens: The City’s Pelican Lake Workshops have shown how effective open forums are where councilors, town staff, and citizens sit down together and reach a consensus. Let’s use this model to confront other challenges, such as how we want the US 1 Corridor to look.

Communication: Especially in this time of Covid crisis, we should lobby for better vaccine access, and ensure that our businesses are aware of all the financing opportunities and support options that are open to them.

Diana Davis has lived in Juno Beach for two decades. Ms. Davis, her husband, and daughter love Juno Beach’s beautiful seaside community. She has a deep commitment to preserving its way of life.

DD Halpern

DD Halpern


DD Halpern is running for Town Council because she loves Juno Beach and wants to make meaningful contributions that serve our residents today, while planning wisely for a secure future we can be proud of.

Ms. Halpern has been the Planning and Zoning Board Alternate Board Member since 2017, appointed unanimously by all current Council members. She prides herself on having productive relationships with our Council, Planning & Zoning Board, Town Staff, and Law Enforcement. Everyone truly cares about Juno Beach and it is rewarding being part of this team.

As a P&Z Board Member, she has gained a solid foundation of knowledge about our town government that I believe makes me uniquely qualified to be a Town Councilor. In this role she would focus on:

  • Facilitating a unified and forward-thinking town vision.
  • Conservation of the Juno Beach Natural Areas.
  • Traffic-calming measures.
  • Creating a stronger service level for residents and business owners.
  • Enhancing the town website and communications to residents.

By nature, DD Halpern is a problem solver and flexible thinker. These qualities allow her to take a balanced approach, keenly evaluate information, listen to and respect all voices, and make informed decisions. This includes supporting fiscally responsible measures that allow the town to maintain its low millage rate and remain debt-free.

Ms. Halpern’s primary goal would always act in the best interest of Juno Beach.

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