The League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County seeks to help citizens become informed voters and increase voter participation.  Our mission is Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy.

Fair Districts in Florida

Florida (and the entire United States) will redistrict using 2020 Census data when the detailed Census data becomes available in September.  Florida gained one seat in Congress (and thus also one more electoral vote).  The Florida House of Representatives and Senate will also be redistricted, as will local offices, such as our PBC County Commission and PBC School Board, and some municipal offices, based on new Census counts.

The League and the Voting Rights Coalition are dedicated to ensuring fair redistricting and suppressing gerrymandering.  Learn a lot about how redistricting works in Florida from this presentation by Ellen Freidin, the superpower behind the Fair Districts campaign.  And join our monthly meetings, where redistricting will be a focus: first Thursday of each month, 2 pm on Zoom, check our calendar for the link.

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