The Everglades Handbook: Understanding the Ecosystem, Fourth Edition

By Thomas E. Lodge

Reviewed By Kathy Panko




What a great idea for holiday gift-giving!  The Third Edition of The Everglades Handbook is completely revised, updated, and now with color photographs and illustrations in every chapter. The book provides a breadth and depth of information on the entire ecosystem of the Everglades that cannot be found anywhere else. Written by Thomas Lodge, one of the most respected authorities on the Everglades and one of its most ardent protectors, the book is an updated, expanded, and comprehensive explanation of what the Everglades is, how it has been changed, and the restoration needed to bring back ecological functions and safeguard sustainable future uses of the region by people. The expanded and updated cover in the third edition includes:

– St. Lucie/Indian River estuary

– Kissimmee headwaters, including the chain of lakes near Orlando

– Caloosahatchee/Charlotte Harbor ecosystem

– Impact of invasive species on various South Florida ecosystems

– Sustainable agriculture for  the Everglades ecosystem

– Progress and impacts of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan

– New chapter entitled, “Peripheral Ecosystems of the Everglades”


The Everglades Handbook: Understanding the Ecosystem, Fourth Edition, is a scholarly reference packed cover to cover with scientific information about the ecosystem of the Everglades – taking into account how drastically the Everglades has changed. Topically, the book covers disciplines ranging from ecology, geology, climatology, hydrology, anthropology to conservation biology.


The fourth edition presents a more detailed treatment of subjects where our knowledge of the Everglades and its restoration has greatly improved.


Great gift ideas for environmental enthusiasts!