By Christene Campbell-Gabor


This year’s Government Bee Contest was conducted via Instagram due to COVID-19. Lori Dool, Palm Beach County School District Secondary School Social Studies Program Planner and the Co-Vice Chair of our Civics Education Committee, worked with a committee from the sponsoring bodies to make it happen. Thank you, Lori.


In the preliminary round, five civic questions were posted daily during the week of October 26.  Participating students responded and winners were listed on a leaderboard. In the final round, which was held on November 2 the day before the national elections, the leading students were given a specific time frame to submit their responses to 10 civic questions. It was an exciting competition for all 21 students who participated. There was even a tiebreaker question in the finals. 


Congratulations to all of the winners. Winning students and their teachers were awarded monetary prizes.

We were excited to have winners from three schools:

1st place West Boca Raton Community High School

2nd place Spanish River High School

3rd place Park Vista Community High School 


Thank you to our sponsors, the Masonic High-Twelve Club and the PBC League of Women Voters Civics Education Committee. 


Next year’s contest will be announced at a future date.