Marsha Vinson

The LWVPBC Healthcare Issue Group sponsored Kelly James of Florida Blue at November’s Hot Topic. Many Leaguers consider it the most important Hot Topic this year. Kelly, Director of the Florida Blue Center for Health Policy, explained that it is a very complicated subject.

Kelly JamesKelly covered many significant topics including the impact of the Federal government’s regulations on health coverage, open enrollment, essential health benefits, as well as Medicare Advantage, prescription drug prices, Medicaid expansion, and the possible impact of Medicare for all. He suggested looking at the Kaiser Family Foundation website for an in-depth review of national health issues: More than a hundred attended. Kelly made a clear and concise presentation of a very complicated subject. As always with Hot Topic events, the presentation may be viewed on-line LWVPBC website. The link to his PowerPoint on Health Care Reform can be seen will be on the website as soon as it is received. Kelly invited all members to visit the Florida Blue Center in Boynton Beach where member health insurance questions can be answered in person .