May 15, 2020

Nancy Gau

  • COVID-19: As our state and county begin to re-open, we continue to suffer the medical and economic effects of this pandemic.  Please continue to tune in to our weekly COVID Zoom calls every Wednesday at 6:00 pm.  Brent Schillinger always begins with a medical update (on testing, treatments, etc.) and then we have a guest speaker.  We have covered a variety of topics, from mental health, domestic abuse, to the census.  In the future, we will cover topics such as disparities in testing and treatment, and the effect that the pandemic has had on the health insurance industry.
  • Useful contact information:
  1. 561-642-1000 for testing appointments.  TESTING IS FREE!
  2. For mental health support, call 211. Or
  3. For mental health counseling information, you can also contact the Faulk Center for Counseling (561-483-5300.)
  4. For additional Covid-19 information: or
  5. For medical assistance for the uninsured, contact or
  6. Price Gouge Hotline: 1-866-966-7226
  7. Elder Care Hotline: 561-684-5885 or 561-214-8600
  8. FL DOH Covid-19 call center: 1-866-779-6121.
  9. Local Health Dept.: 561-840-4500.
  10. “Where’s my Check?”: Go to to check on your $1200 stimulus check or deposit.
  11. For assistance with jammed unemployment phone lines: call 561-822-1274 or to make an appointment for local assistance with a paper application.  Application forms are also available outside of some libraries.
  12. for information about small business loans, including special programs for minority-owned businesses and women-owned small businesses.
  • On a positive note, May is National Women’s Healthcare Month. Our Healthcare Issue Group continues to participate in the state LWVFL Reproductive Rights sub-committee on Racial Maternal Disparities.  Emilie McKendall and Nancy Gau have joined a local coalition, along with Children’s Services Council and others.
  • May is also National Mental Health Awareness month. Gau continues to be a part of the PBC County Action Alliance for Mental Health’s board. A few tips:
  1. Listen to what they say.  (“I feel hopeless”, “I have no reason to live”,  )
  2. Look for behavioral changes, e.g., in sleeping habits, eating habits, indecisiveness, etc.
  3. What you can do: give hope to the individual, and suggest counseling (see above) or crisis outreach (211).  (Or Crisis Text Line:  Text HOME to 741741.)
  4. “Get Your Green On”. (Wear green this month to show your support of mental wellness.)