Gun-SafetyGun Safety Lock-It-Up Project

LWVPBC Gun Safety Issue Group promotes Lock It Up (safe storage) through community-wide events and PowerPoint presentations.  Members have opportunities to work with local law enforcement agencies and PBC organizations supporting League Gun Safety efforts.


  • Educating PBC residents and lobby state representatives re gun safety issues.
  • Collaborate with grassroots efforts to create responsible gun ownership with an emphasis on safe storage.


Betsy Pickup  561-395-4646
Kristen Murtaugh  561-706-6650


See League Calendar or contact Chairs for time, date and location of the next meeting.


  • Preventing Gun Deaths and Injuries
    Preventing Gun Deaths and Injuries
     Preventing Gun Deaths and Injuries: Making Our Communities Safer for Everyone  March 24, 2021 at 1:00 PM  The Gun Safety Committees of the LWV of Palm Beach County and the LWV of Broward County are partnering on a Zoom presentation about what we can do to protect families and reduce gun violence in our communities. Topics to be discussed include Florida...
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  • National Suicide Prevention Month
    National Suicide Prevention Month
    National Suicide Prevention Month By Nancy Gau   Please reach out to family, friends, co-workers, (or even a stranger) and remind them that September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and encourage them to please pass the word on.    On average, there are 120 suicides every day in the United States. It is the tenth leading cause of death in...
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  • trigger lock
    Looking for New Members for the Lock it Up! Program
    The Lock It Up Team (Shirley Aronson, Janet Chaikin, Rosalie Almborg, Arlene Ustin, Betsy Pickup and Kristen Murtaugh) is excited to report on a busy and effective start to 2020. We are grateful to The National Coalition of Jewish Women for their donation of $150 and to NOW for their donation of $50 toward the printing of information cards.  We...
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  • trigger lock
    Gun Lock Project
    The Gun Lock Project of the Gun Safety Group aims to educate the public as to the importance of proper gun storage.  We plan to print information cards in English, Spanish, and Creole explaining the need for common-sense handling of guns.  In order to publicize our project, we will be contacting Pediatricians, Mental Health Counselors, and Police and Sheriff Departments...
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  • gun safety concert
    Concert and National Night Out
    LWVPBC GUN SAFETY CONCERT SPONSOR  and OCTOBER 4th NATIONAL NIGHT OUT Marsha Vinson, LWVPBC Gun Safety Chair/Reporter The 2019 Concert Across America, an annual nationwide event spanning 200+ cities, links communities across the country to remember those who lost their lives due to gun violence and to call for much-needed gun legislation.  LWVPBC Gun Safety and Voter Services partnered and tabled...
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  • Gun-Safety
    LWVPBC Gun Safety Meets with Sheriff Bradshaw
    Reported by Marsha Vinson At the May 28, 2019 meeting at PBSO Headquarters, Sheriff of Palm Beach County Ric Bradshaw enthusiastically related to LWVPBC representatives, Arlene Ustin, Martha Smith, and Marsha Vinson that he and his department, the largest law enforcement agency in the county, wholeheartedly support the mission of the League of Women Voters including Gun Safety and Mental...
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