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LWVPBC Gun Safety Issue Group promotes Lock It Up (safe storage) through community-wide events and PowerPoint presentations.  Members have opportunities to work with local law enforcement agencies and PBC organizations supporting League Gun Safety efforts.


  • Educating PBC residents and lobby state representatives re gun safety issues.
  • Collaborate with grassroots efforts to create responsible gun ownership with an emphasis on safe storage.

Chair:  Marsha Vinson  516-655-1327 

(full-time FL resident – kept NY area code/not Fl for Marsha’s 4 children’s sake!)


Meetings:   See League Calendar or contact Marsha for time, date and location of the next meeting.

Latest from the Blog

  • Gun-Safety
    LWVPBC Gun Safety Meets with Sheriff Bradshaw
    Reported by Marsha Vinson At the May 28, 2019 meeting at PBSO Headquarters, Sheriff of Palm Beach County Ric Bradshaw enthusiastically related to LWVPBC representatives, Arlene Ustin, Martha Smith, and Marsha Vinson that he and his department, the largest law enforcement agency in the county, wholeheartedly support the mission of the League of Women Voters including Gun Safety and Mental...
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  • trigger lock
    Cool Topics Report- Lock It Up (& more)!
    by Marsha Vinson Stem Center, South Florida Science Center May 11, 2019 reported by Marsha Vinson An outstanding panel and discussion moderated by LWVPBC President Ken Thomas and organized by the LWVPBC Gun Safety Issue Group highlighted critical issues surrounding the safe storage of guns. The expert panelists providing the audience with an in depth, fact-packed view of the impact...
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