To raise public awareness about League issues, increase visibility and promote voting.

Chair: Christene Campbell-Gabor,  christene.lwvpbc@gmail.com561-271-4648

The Committee zoom meetings are held Tuesday’s at 3:00 PM

The next Speaker’s Bureau Training July 16, 2020

Team Goals for 2020

    • Create a SB team which will include leads for power point presentations, forums, panel discussions and subject matter experts
    • Recruit and train topnotch speakers
    • Provide key presentations in English, Spanish and Creole
    • Increase the diversity of PBC SB Membership
    • Host quarterly training/meetings and speaker’s events in underrepresented communities
    • Focus on key presentations prior to the upcoming elections including, Ballot Amendments, Vote by Mail, Importance of US Courts, Voting history and voter registration (Your Vote. Your Voice. Your Power) 2020 Census.
    • Translate key presentations into Spanish and Creole
    • Contact diverse groups, communities, and connections to schedule LWV presentation and events