education committeeThe Education Committee works to educate and advocate for the public schools of Florida and most especially, Palm Beach County.  Activities of the Education Committee have included studying and compiling information sheets to give to interested parties on charter schools, school funding, and legislative priorities. We are also working with the school district on a Celebration of Public Education.


As a quality public education system is the cornerstone of our Democracy we work with all interested parties to ensure that both locally and statewide we have a well funded and quality education system.


Kathi Gundlach,, 561-358-4217
Kimberley Spire-Oh, kimberley@ksolawfirm.com561-307-9620


On the first Saturday of the month 11:00-1:00. Location:  121 Park Lane East, Hypoluxo, Fl 33462


  • The Florida legislative process 2021: Private and Public Schools
    The Florida Legislative Process 2021: Private and Public Schools
    This is part of a series by the League of Women Voters of Citrus County (LWVCC) about Florida’s legislative process and issues.  The purpose is to increase citizen understanding and engagement. Since Florida’s 2021 Legislative session opened on March 2, bills are rapidly moving through both House and Senate.  This column addresses a bill to expand “School Choice.” SB 48,...
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  • National Suicide Prevention Month
    National Suicide Prevention Month
    National Suicide Prevention Month By Nancy Gau   Please reach out to family, friends, co-workers, (or even a stranger) and remind them that September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and encourage them to please pass the word on.    On average, there are 120 suicides every day in the United States. It is the tenth leading cause of death in...
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  • Covid Is A Long Term Reality – Answer the Census Now To Help Us Keep Fighting It
    Covid Is A Long Term Reality – Answer the Census Now To Help Us Keep Fighting It
    Even after a vaccine joins the fight against Covid 19, the long term health effects and costs will remain in your community. It will take long term health resources, such as Medicare, Medicaid and community health centers to continue our response. And the way to secure those resources is to answer the Census NOW. Ask all your friends, organizations, congregations...
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  • Dr. Jeraline M. Johnson
    Celebration of Public Education
    Our month-long “Celebration of Public Education” was kicked off at the September Cool Topic, where Dr. Jeraline Johnson, Director of Choice Programs for the School District of Palm Beach County, presented an overview of the choice programs in the district. She spoke to an audience of 35 members, 10 school board employees and over 25 students. Our school district is...
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