Delray Beach City Commission Meeting, February 4, 2020

Serena Lurie, Observer Corps

After some deliberation about density restrictions, the Delray Beach City Commission adopted the Always Delray Comprehensive Plan.  On other topics, Commissioner Frenkel noted that the newly-formed committee to address panhandling was gathering input from homeless advocates and City departments, while Mayor Petrolia suggested that Delray Beach should investigate the use of light-colored asphalt in future road projects to reduce heat emissions in the city.

At the Delray Beach City Commission meeting, Commissioners approved the expansion of a small, privately-owned home for adults with disabilities.  The rest of the meeting largely centered around density restrictions laid out in the Always Delray Comprehensive Plan.  All but Mayor Petrolia voted to retain the existing Floor-Area-Ratio (FAR), of 3.0 for downtown Delray Beach.  Mayor Petrolia advocated for a lower FAR of 2.5.  All of the Commission members agreed to raise the Congress Avenue corridor FAR to 2.5 with the intention of encouraging more density near the Tri-rail station.  While Commissioner Frenkel suggested excluding all garages in the calculation of FAR, the Commissioners eventually agreed to exclude only underground garages. The Mayor noted that the new master plan establishes a height limit for downtown of 54 feet, down from 60, with height limits for the Congress Avenue corridor at 80 feet.