The League of Women Voters (LWV) Invites Everyone to Participate in a National Day of Action for Fair Redistricting on April 29, 2021.

The People Powered Fair Maps Day of Action will be held to shine a light on the redistricting process and demand fair maps. Official redistricting actions will occur quickly after the release of Census data in the Fall of 2021. In preparation for that, we must begin to engage the public for redistricting.

The National LWV is organizing a Day of Action that integrates digital and in-person tactics for LWV affiliates, partner organizations, and all other stakeholders. Leagues all over the country will be hosting a variety of local, state, and national events to begin to build public awareness and engagement around the redistricting process. We want to ensure that the public has a say in how our maps are drawn.

We want to remind State Capitol decision-makers that they are accountable to draw fair maps. We want to build partnerships and communities of interest for active civic engagement during the redrawing of the Congressional, state legislative and local districts.

Please reach out to other organizations in Palm Beach County and ask them to join us in this important effort.  Send contact information or ask them to contact Rich Bartholomew at