by Nancy Gau


On April 29, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the partial reopening of the state, with the exception of the three counties in southeast Florida. This includes “Palm Beach County”. Here, we look to Dr. Alina Alonso (PBC Director of the Florida Department of Health, for guidelines. She announced on April 29 that most golf courses, pools, parks, and tennis courts in the county would be open, with social distancing still required. Beaches, hair salons, and restaurants remain closed (with the exception of carryout for food). Elderly individuals continue to be advised to stay at home as much as possible. Everyone should wear a mask when they do go out.


Abuse centers (e.g., The Lord’s Place, Butterfly House for Rape Victims, etc.) are open to assist victims of domestic abuse. Victims should NOT avoid reporting or seeking treatment out of fear for contracting the virus. Please at least make a call to 211 or these centers. NOTE: those of us who are able to might consider donating to these help centers.


Useful contact information:

  1. 561-642-1000 for testing appointments. Testing is free!
  2. For mental health support, Call 211 or email
  3. For mental health counseling information, you can also

contact Faulk Center for Counseling at (561) 483-5300.

  1. For additional Covid-19 information: or