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The Speakers Bureau Report, August

Marcia Herman  | Published on 9/12/2018

The Speakers Bureau has announced Marcia Herman as the new committee chair. Outgoing Chair Ethelene Jones provided Marcia with well-organized files documenting communication, contact information and dates for future presentations by the committee members.

Up until election day, November 6, 2018, the committee members will present the 2018 November Ballot Proposals presentation to over 100 Palm Beach County groups and organizations. The committee met Saturday, August 25, 2018 at the STEM Center in Dreher Park, West Palm Beach, to become familiar with this topic. Corinne Miller conducted training on the topic by explaining the background of each proposed amendment, the consequences of each one passing or failing and which organizations support or oppose each proposal. Marcia Herman and Ken Horkavy gave a brief preview of the Power Point Presentation to familiarize the members. It has been edited and shared with all the presenters as a resource to use when they give speeches on this topic in September and October, 2018.

Geoff Kashdan and Ken Horkavy provided small group instruction on setting up a projector and using the PowerPoint software. The event was well attended by 31 of the 45 committee members. For the members who couldn’t attend, Marcia Herman provided links to League of Women Voters of Florida training videos. Marcia wishes to thank everyone who helped at the event to make it a productive use of the members’ time.

Marcia Herman is a retired school librarian, with many years of organizational experience. She held positions of leadership in state library associations, state educational technology associations, and the National Education Association at local and regional levels. In addition, she is a life time member in Beta Sigma Phi; a social and philanthropic organization for women. Marcia moved to Florida in January 2018 and joined the League of Women Voters Palm Beach County in July 2018. Originally from Chicago, Marcia has lived in the fly over states of Illinois, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Becoming a full-time Florida resident was always in the life plan.

Contact information: Marcia Herman
Cell: 719-482-6559