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Education Committee

Kimberley Spire-Oh  | Published on 7/23/2018

The LWVPBC Education Committee has been busy preparing one-page, leave-behind sheets that can be used to educate the public and legislators about the Committee's priorities. These priorities include encouraging the legislature to provide adequate funding for public education, requiring accountability and transparency in charter schools, opposing taxpayer-funded voucher programs for private schools, and promoting early-childhood education. Additionally, we are preparing a sheet dealing with proposed Constitutional Revision 8, proposed by the Constitutional Revision Commission, which the League opposes because it includes provisions that could be harmful to students and public education generally. The Committee members plan to use these sheets for League events relating to education and for meetings with legislators planned in coordination with the Advocacy Committee to inform legislators about key educational issues they will be facing in the coming session.

The Education Committee is also planning to participate in a statewide League effort to make September Celebrate Public Schools month. Stay tuned for further details.

Also in the education realm, the LWVFL and two League members have filed a lawsuit against the State claiming that the proposed ballot title of Constitutional Revision 8 is misleading to the public as it fails to include reference to key provisions that would limit the authority of local school districts over charter schools and would give the state the ability to open and operate charter schools. Revision 8 would also set term limits for school board members. The lawsuit's complaint lays out the League's concerns in detail: