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Tips for Better Calendar Control

Nancy Gau  | Published on 6/22/2018

As we are a VERY busy League (and that is a good thing!), and since we just went live with our new Club Express website and calendar, just a few hints (and pleas) to make things go smoother:

-When you need to schedule an event or a meeting, always check the calendar first to be certain that there are no major conflicts. (Just go to, click on Events, then click on Calendar.) You can look at Calendar in grid form or linear form. (There is a box at the top.)

-Once you do select your Date and Time and Location, get approval from your President, or VP, or Board, etc.

-Then send an email to me at . YOU MUST INCLUDE TITLE, DATE, TIME AND PLACE.

-I would highly recommend that the Issue Groups which have regularly scheduled meetings (monthly, or whatever) pick a date, time, and location that works best for the majority of your members AND STICK TO IT. This has worked really well for several of us Chairs (me, Nancy C., Sammy A., etc.) for years! And it is much easier for me to manage the calendar when I can enter a meeting once and then make it recurring, rather than having to make these constant changes.)

-If you do need to cancel or change a meeting, email me ASAP. Include BOTH old and new info, so that I can remove the old one.

-PLEASE, PLEASE ALWAYS PROOF READ YOUR EMAILS BEFORE SENDING THEM. In this day of tablets that select your words for you, one can easily send gibberish or wrong info for a date, which can result in more confusion and inaccurate scheduling.

-If you have scheduled an event or a meeting, please check the calendar periodically to be sure that it is there and is accurate. Occasionally little gremlins do sneak in there and do nasty things. If you see an error or something missing, please contact me ASAP and I will fix it.

-You must log in to see the Member Directory. If you need help setting up your Member log-in, let us know. Then you will see the word Directories on the blue tool bar. Click on that and then on Member Directory. Then enter the first letter of the name and click on Search.


Thanks everyone!!