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National Popular Vote Gains Popularity in Palm Beach County

Cynthia Archbold  | Published on 6/7/2018

Connecticut became the eleventh state to pass national popular vote legislation in May, and almost simultaneously, many League members in Palm Beach County expressed a strong desire to support NPVIC—the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact—to  align the electoral system with the will of the American People in presidential elections.

They are signing up to learn as much as they can about NPVIC and how it would work if enough states pass it to equal or surpass 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidential election.

Carol Nikov organized the May 19 orientation, and Lorna O’Connell and Cynthia Archbold held another June 2,  to explain how NPVIC works— how the compact guarantees that the candidate who wins the most popular  votes will become the U.S. President.  Palm Beach County Leaguers, led by Kathleen Crampton are working to get league chapters across the state and across the nation to make NPVIC a high priority issue.  They hope with enough encouragement from the LWV and voters, lawmakers will sign NPVIC into law in Florida, and also in other states in time for the 2020 presidential election.

May 19 NPVIC Orientation Seated, bottom row, left to right: Bonnie Greenberg, Andrea Eisen, Richard Eisen, Sandra Beck. Standing, top row: Naya Payne, Tait McSparran, Lorna O’Connell, Marsha Katz, Carol Nikov, Lori Marden, Cynthia Archbold.

June 2 NPVIC Orientation: Cynthia Archbold, Jessica Branson, Lorna O’Connell and Meryl Davids