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LWVPBC has almost 850 members!


We have had tremendous success with registering voters, our 2018 election Voters Guide, and our Speakers Bureau presentations of the ballot amendments. Our 10 issue groups are highly motivated and very active. Our Hot and Cool Topics are keeping members and friends informed.

Our Finance Committee has worked hard to grow with our organization. Here is an overview of our first 6 months of our fiscal year 2018-2019 (our fiscal year is April 1 to March 31 of the following year). We hope the colorful pie charts caught your eye so that is why you are reading about such a dry subject.

LWVPBC Profit and Loss  2018 Overall, we are in good financial shape. We are running slightly behind budget in both income and expenses as we planned significant growth this year. Note that Donations are behind budget: please know that most donations are booked to our 501(c)(3) Education Fund, which makes the donation tax free for the donor, and are used to fund education expenses. As we anticipated, passage of the tax cut has cut into donations, and this is an area of concern for us.

We have begun our planning process for the next fiscal year. On November 17 our 25 committee and Issue Group chairs will attend a planning and budgeting workshop.

Each committee will prepare a plan and budget. The Finance Committee will review these budget requests and consolidate approved budgets into a balanced LWVPBC budget. The proposed budget will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval and to the membership at our April 17, 2019 Annual Meeting. We will provide members with detailed budget and committee plans in February, before the annual meeting.

LWVPBC Finance Committee
Dorneth Weir, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair
Nancy Cohen
Joan Karp