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The League of Women Voters believes that the President of the United States should be elected as is every other local, state and national public official—by popular vote.  For that reason, the League is working to enact NPVIC, a bill by which states would direct their electors to vote for the Presidential candidate who captures the most votes nationwide.

More than 60 percent (172) of the 270 electoral votes needed to activate NPVIC have been secured. Legislation is being considered by 24 other states, accounting for an additional 193 electoral votes. NPVIC preserves the electoral system while guaranteeing the votes of all Americans count, which is not the case today.

We oppose the “winner-take-all rule” that invalidates the votes of millions of Americans in 48 states, including Florida.  We advocate for using the two provisions of the U.S. Constitution that give states exclusive control over directing their electors and encourage them to enter into interstate compacts, thus preserving state control over national elections. “Winner-take-all” does not appear in the Constitution, nor was it ever debated by the Founders.  Electing the president by popular vote has received support from conservatives, including President Trump, to liberals and the majority of American voters, including Floridians.

Additionally, NPVIC would ensure that the issues important to all states and their voters are heard.  Today, the President is chosen by electors in a dozen swing states, representing less than a third of all Americans.  Thus, Presidential campaigns focus solely on those states and seldom visit or pay attention to the 38 flyover states.

NPVIC moves us closer to one person/one vote and ensures that every voter in every state is relevant in every presidential election—making every vote count.

We are interested in educating voters and legislators about NPVIC and its significance to Florida and in having legislation heard, considered, voted on and passed in the Florida Legislature by 2020 so that the voices of Floridians are just as important as the votes of every other American in all future Presidential elections.

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Chair: Kathleen Crampton at

Moving NPVIC Forward in Florida

Our state-wide team has had a busy year already in getting legislators AND League members up to speed on the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and the benefits to Florida voters and all Americans.


On the Legislative Front

Representative Joseph Geller (D-Miami/Fort Lauderdale) filed House Bill 367, the NPVIC legislation while Senator Victor Torres (D- So. Orlando) filed Senate Bill 1374, the companion bill to HB 367. Had this legislation passed in the 2018 session, it would have directed our electors to vote for the Presidential candidate who gets the most votes nationwide. We will approach legislators again this year to ensure re-introduction of the legislation in the 2019 session.

The legislation was announced at a January press conference in Tallahassee where we also unveiled the results of a survey Florida Atlantic University’s Business and Economics Polling Initiative conducted on our behalf to determine voter sentiment about the National Popular Vote. The survey of 1000 Florida registered voters found that 68% thought the President should be elected by popular vote. This information was shared with legislators, the press and the public.

During LWVFL Summit Days in Tallahassee, Kathleen Crampton and Deb Mazzaferro joined 150 League members from around the state to meet with legislators and educate them about the benefits of enacting NPVIC. The NPVIC team met with over 20 Legislators and/or their staff, as well as six staff members of the key committees to which the NPVIC bills had been referred. Since many of the legislators and staff had only a passing familiarity with NPVIC, the meetings were very informative and productive.

League Relations

We’ve been expanding our outreach to Leagues throughout the state via presentations, webinars and orientation to encourage members to become points of contact in their markets to educate audiences about NPVIC. So far, 12 Leagues, have joined with LWV PBC to conduct education efforts aimed at educating audiences about NPVIC. We have also recruited new members from PBC for our core team and are always looking for more! Contact Carol Nikov at to volunteer.

Public Relations and Communications

In addition to creating materials for use with difference audiences, we’ve created a new section about NPVIC for the state’s website, which provides valuable information for the public and League members; established In the News, which contains news briefs about NPVIC from around the United States; and begun a periodic newsletter for Leaguers around the state. Click here to be added to the mailing list for NPVIC publications.

Core Team and Planning

Last month, the NPVIC Core Team (see left) met for a day to outline strategies for the 2018-2019 Legislative session. During the meeting, we refined our “elevator” speech and outlined our major strategic initiatives for the next 18 months.


LWVUS Convention June 28-31 in Chicago

Several members from the NPVIC Core team will be attending the LWVUS convention in Chicago, June 28-31 to lobby for NPVIC as a national priority of the League. If you are interested in attending, please contact Kathleen Crampton at

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