Mission: The Civics Education Committee promotes and supports civics education, critical thinking and civility.

Current Priorities: 2020 Matters. Our priorities in 2020 are to educate people about the issues and the importance of their vote.  We will work with other League groups to ensure that voters are educated, registered and realize the importance of their vote.

Chair: Christene Campbell-Gabor – christene.lwvpbc@gmail.com, 561-271-4648
Co-Vice Chairs: Nikki Descoteaux – nikkidescoteaux@gmail.com, 508-360-7070
and Lori Dool – loridool@gmail.com, 716-628-6211

Civics Education Committee Mission — Civics. Civility. Critical Thinking.

The Civics Education Committee provides reliable nonpartisan information on elections and public policy issues to a diverse PBC population, using innovative educational approaches. Everything we do encourages citizens to be educated voters who realize the importance of their vote, the value of critical thinking, and the need to treat others with respect. Our focus is Education, Voter Registration, Getting voters to the polls.

Top Three Priorities for 2020

  1. Provide reliable information on elections and public policy issues to a diverse PBC population by creating innovative educational approaches; developing voter education ideas; and working with PBC schools, LWV, and other organizations on Civics Education programs, competitions, and events.
  2. Work toward diversity and inclusion for people of all ages and backgrounds to encourage them to be actively involved in Civics Education activities.
  3. Lobby LWV Florida to ensure that Civics Education becomes a key issue statewide.

Top Three Accomplishments in 2019

    1. Created, printed, and distributed 4 MINI Crossword Puzzle Booklets.  Series 1: 100 questions from the U.S. Citizenship Exam; Series 2: questions about local elections in Palm Beach County; Series 3: questions from Grade 7 textbook; Series 4: Notable American Women.
    2.  Created and presented a series of five PowerPoint of five (5) interactive presentations that are fun, interesting and educational to help educate people on the importance of their role in government.

1.       Your Voice. Your Vote. Your Power

In 1776, only 10% of Americans had the right to vote. Learn the history of expanding voting rights and the important benefits to those who turn out and vote. This presentation also walks you through the ways you can register and vote, including registering online, Vote-By-Mail, Early Voting and more.

2.      The Three Branches of the U.S. Government

Understanding how the three branches of government work and their role in our lives is important, especially for those who think that voting in local elections doesn’t matter. This presentation explains the impact of each branch on the lives of all citizens.

3.       Civics, Civility and Critical Thinking:

Find out how federal, state and local governments work; the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship; critical thinking and how to evaluate the credibility of information sources; and skills for engaging in conversations with people who do not share your view. Emphasizes respect, tolerance and civility.

4.       Importance of the US Courts

The federal court system impacts every issue we care about. This wonderfully interactive PowerPoint explains how the federal court system is organized, the types of cases federal courts hear and how cases are decided. As part of the presentation, audience members form teams to judge a case that was actually decided by a U.S. District Court.

5.       Civics Trivia

A favorite for all who have participated.  The civics trivia quiz is a series of questions that are suitable to people of all ages.  The kids love it!  Using MINI crossword series 1, questions from the U.S. Citizenship test, or questions from previous presentations participants get to tell us what they know.  Prizes are an added bonus if you decide to provide this presentation.

  1. Created a series of Critical Thinking worksheets that stress civics, civility and critical thinking.  All worksheets, which are two-sided, provide an opportunity to discuss a controversial subject.  The front side is for the participant to complete on their own, the back is a group discussion of the answers on the front with the goal of educating participants and stressing the need for critical thinking and civility.

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  • Harry T. Burn
    You Have One Vote, Does It Count?
    By Nikki Descoteaux, Civics Education Committee, Co-Vice-Chair Do you wonder if your one vote really matters? Voting is your right and responsibility. Moreover, history shows us even one vote can have a huge impact on election results. One of the most famous instances showing the importance of each vote relates to our centennial celebration of women’s suffrage. By the middle...
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  • Covid Is A Long Term Reality – Answer the Census Now To Help Us Keep Fighting It
    Covid Is A Long Term Reality – Answer the Census Now To Help Us Keep Fighting It
    Even after a vaccine joins the fight against Covid 19, the long term health effects and costs will remain in your community. It will take long term health resources, such as Medicare, Medicaid and community health centers to continue our response. And the way to secure those resources is to answer the Census NOW. Ask all your friends, organizations, congregations...
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  • LWVPBC Minis Are On Display
    LWVPBC Minis Are On Display
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  • Happy at Harvard
    Happy at Harvard
    By introduction, my name is Rose Carbone and I teach seniors who are enrolled in AP Government and Politics and American Government courses at Seminole Ridge Community High School in Westlake, Florida. I would like to thank the LWV of Palm Beach County and Harvard Business School for providing the opportunity to attend the Case Method Project Community Workshop at...
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  • New citizens register to vote
    Harvard Civics Project
    Dear Fellow League Members, I just wanted to congratulate all of you who successfully nominated teachers for the August Harvard Civics workshop! Professor Moss and the Harvard Case Method Project team have been very complimentary about the caliber of teachers selected. I thought you would like to know that we have nearly 80 teachers attending from 21 different states nominated by 50...
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  • Harvard Civics Program
    Harvard Civics Program
    Congratulations to the two PBC teachers who were accepted for the extraordinary opportunity to attend a Harvard Civics Program this summer. How much and what kind of power should the federal government have over the states?  This foundational question will be the focus of the August 2019 event being hosted by the League of Women Voters of Greenwich, Connecticut, Greenwich High School Social...
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Simpson_Gabor_Mancusi testimonial

“WOW! This is amazing! The crosswords are going to be such a powerful tool come time for our EOC (End of Course) Civics assessment in May. It’s a fun interactive teaching tool that every student will benefit from.” – Sari Simpson