• To provide reliable information on elections and public policy issues to a diverse PBC population through innovative educational approaches;
  • To develop innovative voter education modules including a civics curriculum;
  • To work with PBC Schools to provide civics in the classroom.

Chair: Christene Campbell-Gabor, cgabor5@gmail.com561-271-4648

Meetings: Tuesdays, every second meeting will be in the evening. See Calendar for times and locations.

“WOW! This is amazing! The crosswords are going to be such a powerful tool come time for our EOC (End of Course) Civics assessment in May. It’s a fun interactive teaching tool that every student will benefit from.” – Sari Simpson

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  • New citizens register to vote
    Harvard Civics Project
    Dear Fellow League Members, I just wanted to congratulate all of you who successfully nominated teachers for the August Harvard Civics workshop! Professor Moss and the Harvard Case Method Project team have been very complimentary about the caliber of teachers selected. I thought you would like to know that we have nearly 80 teachers attending from 21 different states nominated by 50...
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  • Harvard Civics Program
    Harvard Civics Program
    Congratulations to the two PBC teachers who were accepted for the extraordinary opportunity to attend a Harvard Civics Program this summer. How much and what kind of power should the federal government have over the states?  This foundational question will be the focus of the August 2019 event being hosted by the League of Women Voters of Greenwich, Connecticut, Greenwich High School Social...
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  • Florida Civic Advance - Civic Excellence Program - under the auspices of FSU
    Florida Civic Advance – Civic Excellence Program – under the auspices of FSU
    LWVPBC is competing in the ‘Voter Education and Civic Service Award’ category. The files requested for this award consideration are available by clicking the link below: LWVPBC-civics education documents   Related...
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  • Crossword Puzzle review1
    Crossword Puzzle Review
    Christene, Students are actively working in their Crossword Puzzle books this week. Our countdown is on for the Civics EOC Exam! We test on Monday- May 13th. I can’t begin to tell you how much we are loving the books. It is the ultimate review! THANK YOU!!!!!! Sari Simpson Palm Springs Middle School 7th Grade Civics Social Studies Department Instructional...
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  • Civics Education Meeting Minutes April 2019
    Civics Education Meeting Minutes April 2019
    LWV of PBC Civics Education Committee MINUTES April 16th, 2019 Attendees: Phyllis Goldenberg, Claire Press, Nikki Descoteaux (via conference call), Karen Wilkerson, Keeter Martinson, Steve Perell, Liela Brode, Lori Dool, Rebecca Freeman, Sandy Hendrick, Karen Leader, Christene Campbell-Gabor. Guests from Lynne University Project Civitas – Robert Watson, Jerry Hildebrand, Reagan Fox Note: Items requiring follow up before our next meeting...
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  • Naya_Payne
    MINI Crossword Puzzle Booklets Series 3
    The Civics Education Committee would like to thank everyone who contributed content or donated money to help us complete Series 3 of the MINI Crossword Booklets. This booklet includes questions from the Grade 7 Textbook – Gateway to American Government: The Bridge to Success on Florida’s EOC Test. It will be an interesting, innovative and fun new study tool for all Florida...
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