LWV of PBC Civics Education Committee


April 16th, 2019

Attendees: Phyllis Goldenberg, Claire Press, Nikki Descoteaux (via conference call), Karen Wilkerson, Keeter Martinson, Steve Perell, Liela Brode, Lori Dool, Rebecca Freeman, Sandy Hendrick, Karen Leader, Christene Campbell-Gabor. Guests from Lynne University Project Civitas – Robert Watson, Jerry Hildebrand, Reagan Fox

Note: Items requiring follow up before our next meeting are in bold.


  • The April 2nd Civics Trivia with the Young Leaguers was great fun and very educational.
  • Civics Education will be hosting a Civics Trivia game for the November 6th Cool Topic at the Stem Center from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. We will discuss format, whether we should challenge the Bar Association and getting the Young Leaguers involved etc.
  • Lori suggested that we follow up directly with Forest Hill and Palm Beach Central schools to discuss having adult education Civics Education presentations in the autumn.
  • Event calendar contacts have changed. Contact Patty Whitehill for all calendar updates – email patty.whitehill@gmail.com.
  • The June meeting has been cancelled since so many of our members will be unavailable. Christene will advise those in charge of the calendar and website of the need to update that information.
  • Civics Education has a designated conference call number: 605-313-4427 access code 213-431 if anyone wants to host a call the host pin is 2888. You don’t need this for calls, but to ensure transparency, the online meeting ID is christene_lwvpbc. Calls are recorded (for free) should anyone need to review.

MINI Crossword Puzzle Booklets Series 4

  • Now that all information has been received, we will review the MINIs for the maximum length of the clues and to ensure that they are fun and interesting.
  • Phyllis will edit the final document.
  • Joyce Sullivan will provide us with a quote for printing.
  • We are down to about 200 copies of Series 1. Christene will arrange to have additional copies printed prior to the June convention in Naples.


  • Presentations must be coordinated with our Speakers Bureau. Speakers must be trained prior to representing the League.
  • Christene will provide training on Civics presentations on May 11th. You must contact her if you are interested and available to attend. (Ashley and Karen L. have already said they are interested)
  • Speaker’s Bureau training, Marcia Herman, will be held May 11th after the Civics Presentation. Sign up with Marcia if you would like to attend.
  • Christene and Pam Maldonado will be providing the Your Voice. Your Power. Your Vote presentation to interns at the City of Palm Beach on June 12th.
  • Christene will be giving a presentation at the LWVFL Convention in Naples on June 7-8. The focus will be the importance of Civics Education, Civility and Critical thinking and the need to have a State-Wide (county-wide) Civics Education Issue group. If committee members participate in the Convention, please check ahead of time with Christene to see if she could use help at the presentation with distributing materials, set-up, etc.
  • Current list of Civics Presentations (approved by Karen)
  1. Civics, Civility and Critical Thinking – power point and exercises (being used State wide)
  2. Your Voice. Your Power. Your Vote – power point and discussion – includes registering to vote (being used State wide) update required for section on courts.
  3. The 3 Branches of Government – Power point and discussion (being used State wide)
  4. You Be The Judge
  5. Civics Trivia Night – including critical thinking 1-pagers and review of earlier classes


  • The critical thinking worksheets are getting done! Thank you to all who have provided the research and created the documents. We will follow up with all highlighted issues below.
    • Environment – Nikki
    • Gun Safety – Claire and Leila – COMPLETE
    • Immigration – Phyllis – COMPLETE
    • Florida Legislature – Ashley
    • NPV – ask Kathleen
    • Voter Registration – Ask Pam
    • Health Care – Pam Hall
    • Contact Issue Group chairs for ideas – Christene


  • We will reach out to other committees to see how we can work together in education. Cindy will set a meeting date with LWVPBC Education Committee Chairs.
  • When the library celebrates its anniversary in April they will be honoring LWVPBC for being instrumental in getting a library system accepted in PBC. Lori Dool was not able to find students interested in creating a display. Please contact Christene ASAP if you can help create a display by April 25th.
  • Three teaches have shown interest in the Harvard Case Study Program. Lori Dool will advise us of the number of applicants and how we will choose the two will be attending.


  • A huge thank you to Robert Watson, Jerry Hildebrand and Reagan Fox for taking the time to meet with our committee to discuss how we might work together in the future.
  • Reagan brought us up-to-date on some of the things that Lynne University Civitas Students are doing.
    1. Gen Z votes – getting the youth registered and out to the polls – a perfect match for our Voter Services Team
    2. Power of Social Media – civic engagement
    3. Lift program – free rides to the polls
    4. Movement Vote – ensuring that disenfranchised felons know their rights and that they get to vote. Reagan is seeking connections within the League and the community so his team can connect with others working on this initiative
  • Jerry is in charge of the Social Impact Labs
    1. One of the cornerstones of his program is fair wages – Fair Trade U
    2. Requested female mentors/coaches for students in the program. We will advise all issue group chairs of this opportunity and provide them with contact information.
    3. Civics Education will reach out to see if any members or Young Leaguers are interested in being a mentor.
    4. The Social Impact Lab is a large room that can be used for civics/civility/critical thinking events.
  • Robert is in charge of Project Civitas
    1. Includes a citizenship contest and community service
    2. Approximately 500 youth are involved
    3. He will be hosting a 100th anniversary celebration of the 19th amendment in January. We will discuss how the League can participate with issue chairs.
    4. Interested in hosting the LWV Civics Education presentations.
    5. Interested in having youth from his program to train on the presentations.
    6. Offered to hold presentations and events for high school students in the impact lab.
    7. Request the handouts with the civility pledge and civility defined be sent electronically so we can share them with others.
  • Karen Leader, FAU, is also interested in working together with Civics Education and the League with her youth activism group.
  • Lori Dool, Public Schools, is interested in participating in Civics presentations and with the universities. The high school voter registration event will be done differently this year. Instead of going to all of the schools in one day, the LWV will visit the schools over the period of a week.
  • Follow Up from the discussion with our guests:
  1. Discuss options and opportunities to work with Robert, Jerry and Raegan with Issue Group Chairs and Young Leaguers.
  2. Connect with Robert regarding participating in the January 19th amendment celebration.
  3. Connect with Jerry to discuss what qualifications they are looking for in mentors.
  4. Let people know that there is Fair Trade U coffee available for sale if they are interested.

Next meeting

  • May 28th at 10:00 a.m. at Boynton Beach Library on Jog Road.